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REQUIRED FINDINGS FOR <br />Placer Oalcs Road <br />General Plan Amendment GP-07-001 <br />Planned Development PD-07-142 <br />Negative Declaration ND-07-143 <br />Requesting approval of a General Plan Amendment to change the land use designation from <br />Medium Density Residential to Low Density Residential and approval of a Planned <br />Development to change the zone from RM:S-12:PD to R-1:8: PD to construct ten single family <br />houses. No significant environmental impacts have been identified as a result of this project, <br />and a Mitigated Negative Declaration is recommended. APNS 529-16-073, 529-14-012 and 067. <br />PROPERTY OWNI+;R/APPLICANT: Cupertino Development Corporation <br />FINDINGS <br />All General Plan Amendments must be found to be inter^nally consistent with the Gene)^al <br />Plan. Since the access to the development is now in a low density single family <br />residential neighborhood, the General Plan amendment back to its original "low density" <br />land use designation will be consistent with the General Plan in that the existing character <br />of the neighborhood, in terms of its type and intensity of land use, will be maintained. <br />That the zone change is consistent with the General Plan. See above. <br />As required by the Town's Traffic Policy for a community benefit. Projects that generate <br />additional traffic of five or more peak hour trips may only be recommended for approval <br />if the project's benefits to the community override .the traffic impacts as determined by <br />specific sections of the General Plan and/or any Specific Plan. If a project generates <br />additional traffic of five or more peak hour trips the burden is on the applicant to cite <br />economic or housing benefits to the Town and/or specific sections of the General Plan <br />and any applicable Specific Plan that demonstrate the project's benefit to the Community <br />which outweighs the traffic impact. The deciding body must make specific findings which <br />demonstrate that the benefit(s) of the project outweigh the impact in order to approve the <br />project. The main community benefit with this proposal is that the change in the land <br />use designation from medium to low density residential will reduce the traffic impacts to <br />the residential neighborhood when developed. The applicant has also offered a traffic <br />calming contribution of $15,000.00 to the Town for Neighborhood Traffic Calming. <br />As required by the Town's Infill Policy for a community benefit. <br />1. In-fill projects should contribute to the further development of the sw^rounding <br />neighborhood (i. e, improve circulation, contribute to or provide neighborhood <br />unity, eliminate a blighted area, not detract fi^om the existing quality of life). <br />2. An in-fill project should be designed in context with the neighborhood and <br />surrounding zoning with respect to the existing scale and character of <br />surrounding structures, provide comparable lot sizes and open space, consider <br />garage placement, setbacks, density, pi^ovide adequate circulation and on-street <br />parking. In-fill development should blend rather than compete with the <br />Attachment 11 <br />