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~`°W" °F, TO OF I.OS GATOS ITEIi~I NO: 3 <br />x ,°~~ , PI.r~NNING COMMISSION STAFF REPORT DESK ITEM <br />~~s•Qat~$ Meeting Date: September 23, 2009 <br />PREPARED BY; Sandy L. Baily, AICP <br />Acting Assistant Community Development Director <br />APPLICATION NO,: Ordinance No.2081 and 2122 <br />General Plan Amendment GP-07-001 <br />Planned Development PD-07-142 <br />Negative Declaration ND-07-143 <br />LOCATION: 517 and 615 Blossom Hill Road and Placer Oaks Road for the rescinding <br />application request. <br />Placer Oaks Road for the new application request. <br />APPLICANT: Cupertino Development Corporation <br />PROPERTY OWNERS: Greenleaf Associates LLC, Dunn Properties, LP, Cupertino Development <br />Corporation <br />EXHIBITS: 1 -15 Previously Submitted <br />16 Letter from Mort Sherin (five pages), received September 21, <br />2009. <br />REMARKS: <br />Attached is a letter from a concerned neighbor regarding 1) a potential nuisance to their house due to the <br />proposed roadway to and from the development being directly in front of their house and 2) concern of <br />how access to the middle property, which is not part of the proposed PD, will be accessed (Exhibit 16). <br />As stated in the original report, as vehicles leave the subject site and approach Placer Oaks Road when it <br />is dark, their headlights could illuminate the existing residence to the north of the project street at Placer <br />Oaks Road. Realigiunent of the project street westward at this intersection is possible but would impact a <br />large oalc tree. If the Commission finds merit in removing the tree, the applicant is willing to realign the <br />road. <br />As for the potential for future development to the middle property which is part of the existing PD, the <br />proposed development is designed to not allow future connection to this property. <br />c <br />P pared by~ <br />San y L. Ba ~ , CP <br />Aoting Assistant Community <br />Director Development <br />WRR: SLB <br />N:\DEV\REPORTS\2009\placeroaks. dsk.doc <br />r yr j} ,: ~~ <br />;~j. <br />Approved by: <br />Wendie R. Rooney <br />Director of Conununity Development <br />:_~,; J ~ F <br />