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.~pWN OF <br />x~•~ ~~ <br />!p SpS <br />DATE <br />TO <br />FROM: <br />COUNCIL AGENDA REPORT <br />APRIL 16, 2010 <br />MEETING DATE: 04-19-10 <br />ITEM NO: I <br />ADDENDUM <br />MAYOR AND TOWN COUNCIL (~ S <br />GREG CARSON, TOWN MANAGER ~/~-~-~' ,~/ // <br />SUBJECT: MINUTES OF THE TOWN COUNCIL RETREAT FEBRUARY 20, 2010 AND APRIL <br />5, 2010 <br />Attached is a revised set of minutes for the Town Council Retreat held on February 20, 2010 and April <br />5, 2010, reflecting a change in Council titles listed under "Roll Call." <br />Attachments: <br />Minutes of the Town Council Retreat February 20, 2010 and April 5, 2010 <br />PREPARED BY: PAMELA JACOBS <br />ASSISTANT TOWN MANAGER <br />Reviewed by: Assistant Town Manager Town Attorney <br />Clerk Administrator Finance Community Development <br />