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.~pW N OF <br />~j ~p °: <br />~~ <br />io`'' ~".o•°os COUNCIL AGENDA REPORT <br />S G p'( <br />DATE: APRIL 5, 2010 <br />TO: MAYOR AND TOWN COUNCIL <br />MEETING DATE: 4/19/10 <br />ITEM NO: <br />FROM: GREG CARSON, TOWN MANAGER ~i~-G~ <br />SUBJECT: LANDSCAPING AND LIGHTING ASSESSMENT DISTRICTS NO. 1 & 2 <br />ADOPT RESOLUTION DESCRIBING IMPROVEMENTS AND DIRECTING <br />PREPARATION OF TOWN ENGINEER'S REPORT FOR FISCAL YEAR <br />2010/11 <br />RECOMMENDATION: <br />Adopt a Resolution (Attaclunent 1) describing improvements and directing preparation of Town <br />Engineer's Report for Fiscal Year 2010/11. <br />BACKGROUND: <br />In the early 1990's, the Town formed two assessment districts under the Landscaping and <br />Lighting Act of 1972 (Streets & Highways Code Section 22500, et. Seq.). The Districts are <br />comprised of six distinct zones, five of which are included in District No. 1, and one that is <br />included in District No. 2. Maps of the six zones are attached to this report - (Attaclunent 2). <br />The purpose of the Districts is to provide for the ongoing maintenance and care of landscaped <br />areas that benefit the properties within each of the zones. The Landscaping and Lighting <br />Assessment Districts provide special benefits to the property owners within the Districts that <br />would not otherwise be provided by the Town. These services are provided by a contractor <br />retained directly by, and managed by, the Town on behalf of the property owners. For a more <br />complete description of the services provided by the Districts, please refer to (Exhibit A and B) <br />of the attached Resolution. <br />DISCUSSION: <br />As outlined in the assessment district guidelines and per the enabling .Act, the Town must <br />amnially renew the assessments levied against the properties within the Districts that pay for the <br />services proposed to be provided by the Districts. This entails a three step process that concludes <br />with a public (protest) hearing after which the Town Council may levy the annual assessments. <br />_~_.- <br />PREPARED BY: TODD CAPURSO C.~..~ _~P~~ <br />Director of Parks and Public Worlcs <br />_~,~~~~x ~t ~ . .~w~ . z ~..~~, x~, .w ~ ~.~~~~,~~~.,.w ,., . ..uw.~RH~~~.~,,.ti.~.~~ ~..~~R ~,~r.~~ ~, .~~4~uMa„~.w.....~.,u~w <br />Reviewed by: ~ ~ Assistant Town Manager own Attorney <br />Clerk Administrator Finance Community Development <br />N:APPW\MANAGEMENT\COUNCIL\COUNCILRCPORTS~2010 Reports\Aprihl9\LLD.adopt.Reso.041910.doc•...~,„r..~.•..~~...,....,m. , <br />