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tow N of MEETING DATE: 03-15-10 <br />_ ITEM NO: <br />F c' <br />ios ~GAjoS COUNCIL/AGENCY AGENDA REPORT <br />DATE: MARCH 11, 2010 <br />TO: MAYOR AND TOWN COUNCIL/ <br />CHAIR AND MEMBERS OF THE REDEVELOPMENT AGENCY <br />FROM: GREG CARSON, TOWN MANAGER/EXECUTIVEbIRECTOR ,/c~ <br />SUBJECT: PPW JOB NO. 09-06-LOS GATOS LIBRARY PROJECT 411-821-2501 <br />AUTHORIZE TOWN MANAGER TO NEGOTIATE AND EXECUTE FIRST <br />AMENDMENT TO AN AGREEMENT WITH NOLL & TAM ARCHITECTS <br />1N AN AMOUNT NOT TO EXCEED $403,366 FOR CONSTRUCTION <br />ADMINISTRATION SERVICES, DESIGN MODIFICATIONS AND <br />ADDITIONS, AND INTEGRATED PUBLIC ART COORDINATION <br />RECOMMENDATI <br />Authorize Town Manager to negotiate and execute first amendment to an agreement with Noll & <br />Tam Architects in an amount not to exceed $403,366 for construction administration services, <br />design modifications and additions, and integrated public art coordination. <br />BACKGROUND: <br />On January 20, 2009, the Town Council authorized the Town Manager to enter into a contract <br />with Noll & Tam Architects (N&T) for schematic design through construction administration <br />for the new Los Gatos library. Subsequent to Council approval, staff negotiated an agreement <br />with N&T that did not include contract administration services, reducing the amount in the <br />agreement by approximately $385,000 less than the amount authorized by Council. Staff opted <br />to wait to contract for construction administration services with N&T until it was determined <br />how N&T's role would complement the role of a construction management firm. Now that the <br />construction management firm, Swinerton, has been engaged and the Town is prepared to <br />advertise for construction bids for the library project, the roles of the two firms have been <br />delineated and staff is prepared to recommend a first amendment to the N&T agreement to <br />provide construction administration services, as well as additional services that were authorized <br />during the course of the design. <br />PREPARED BY: PAMELA JACOBS <br />ASSISTANT TOWN MANAGER <br />Reviewed by: <br />Counsel <br />Assistant Town Manager/Deputy Director wn Attorney/General <br />Clerk Administrator/Secretary Finance <br />Community Development <br />