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A"T OH _CT?.a<CE C.. C LC- T0_~, „rrrr.rl `f S, AT I' _ a <br />01" UI-i1.J I A I\ V ,r.'i NO. 392 OF S A I +l 'JJ~'. <br />A <br />The Town. Council of the ToV?n of LOS Gatos does ordain as folloWS: <br />SECT1011 1. Sectional District ,.o. 3.02,31 of the Zoning <br />:'lap of the Town of Los Gatos, which said. map was adopted as a <br />part of Ordinance Io. 392 of said. Town, r,ogether with any amend- <br />ments thereto is here" y changed and ..mend,ed b ;r substitutin€ for <br />Sectional District "No. as-'shown on said mar, as amended, <br />a nev; Sectional District !,To. 3.02."1 a, mar of which said Sectional <br />District i attached hereto and entitled "Amiende0i Sectional <br />Distrctio. 3.02,;1 of the Zoning I?'i:.~.: of tU.e Town of Los GaLl <br />SECTTC-'A' 2. Sectional District T:o. 3.o 31 as shotivr. u-oon <br />the Zoning i`ia~ Of the TOWn Of Los Gatos as the same, was aadorted <br />is <br />as a ;Dart of Ordinance No. 392, as amended., of said Too r,/hereby <br />renea,led. <br />Sy.C? -"',INT 3. The exterior boundaries of Sectional District <br />ilo. 3.02.31 of the Zoning 'Fla-. of the Toz-,in of Los Gatos are, shown <br />on that certain mad entitled. "Index Na, to Sectional District <br />Ma ,-s, Zoni n` T'`c`'.p of the Town of LOS Gatos, fl Ldhi Cyr said index Pap <br />was adopted as a portion of Ordinance No. 592 of said. Town of <br />L,os Gatos on the 2nd day of June, 19,58, together with any amend- <br />ments which may have 'Hereafter been made, which said Index I'Iap <br />of Sectional District T,Iaps is referred to in Section 3.02 of said <br />ordinance No. 392. <br />SrCTTOI 4. This Ordinance shall be published. once in Los <br />{'ratGS Times-Saratoga observer, a neVJSra,? Ear of P.nera.l circulation, <br />printed and published in the gown of Los Gatos. <br />-1- <br />