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ORDINANCE w0a <br />AN ORDINANCE OF THE TOWN OF LOS GATOS, COUNTY OF SANTA <br />Css _Rt , STATE OF CALIFORNIA , AMENDING SECTION .3.02, <br />ORDTNANCE NO. 392 OF SAID T OWN. <br />The Town Council of the Town of Los Gatos does ordain as follows <br />SECTION 1. Sectional District No. 3. X2.1® of the Zoning <br />Trap of the Town of Los Gatos, which said map was adopted as a <br />part of Ordinance No. 392 of said Town, together with any amend- <br />, <br />ments thereto <br />% <br />i s hereby changed and emended by substituting for <br />Sectional District No. 3.02.10 as show on said map, as amended., <br />a new sectional District No. 3.02.10 a map of which said Sect- <br />ional District is attached hereto and entitled "Amended Sectional <br />District No. 3.02.10 of the Zoning Map of the Town of Los Gat os4". <br />SECTION 2. Sectional District. No. 3.02.10 as shown upon <br />the Zoning M, of the Town of Los Gatos as the same, was adopted <br />as a part of Ordinance No. 392, as amended, ,of said T oY: is hereby <br />repealed. <br />S CTTON 3. The exterior boundaries of Sectional District <br />No. 3.02.10 of the.?oninc !Vlap of the Town of Los Gatos are shoran <br />on that certain reap entitled Index ?!lap to Sectional District ~-daps, <br />Toning .l'iap of the To-,,,,n of Los Gatos" which said index leap was <br />adopted as a portion of Ordinance l~io. 392 of the said ~ a~nn of <br />Los Gatos on the l9th day of November, 1956, together Frith any <br />amendments which may have hereafter been made', ATh Lch said Index <br />Map to Sectional District Maps is referred to in Section 3.02 of <br />said Ordinance No. 392. <br />SECTION 4. This Ordinance shall be published once in Los <br />Gatos Times-Saratoga Observer, a newspaper of eneral circY,,,lation, <br />printed and published in the Tolmn of Los Gatos. <br />i <br />