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r 'i.•%i f,_1_.,_. iii 1. i:r _'1 uiwit l- A x.2 1. ~ .11 'E-' A7'fj <br />'J.-l~nt.,.~ R 1rQ~S ?.liS 1~.Tl. L'y D ;~T <br />.CL 0R GAT OS CREEK <br /> <br />1`3'10. 2-1 _I Ai TO i° TO THE rev <br />1 av tJ:.~^^ LO ~ T CJs" <br />fi u ill :iii Cl l sC L 1~ 'i - ! . OF ~lJ Gyi'.v 9XCi e lJRDli~Ti+i ri <br />51 on the 4th day of Septembers 1955, the Council of <br />the :'o-wn of i OS atos did pass G'1d adopt a EHesolLt_i o 7 giving notic <br />e oC <br />the +oroposal to a-y"I ex certain tei-"1"itory to the Town of a°..'os Gat-Os. said <br />territory neinc,, there-in designated as y'Tos P.:atos. Creep 'No. 2-A <br />~ nnexation", and said action being taken by the Council of said Tol,rlq <br />as the leg-i slative body of the Town, said. Resolution describing the <br />boundaries of the territory so proposed to be annexed to said Town; <br />^.n <br />said Hesol'utio did contain a notice of the da-,, <br />-our an,- p.~.Lace Z'i en and IIere the said CUuY:iL'il o:,~ Sr : d ' 01m, would <br />i'lea'" protests made by any person owning real property within the <br />territory proposed to be Annexed, the-time of said hearing ceinnot <br />Q <br />less than forty nor more than sixty days from the date of the passage <br />of said Resolution; and <br />22nd day of '1 . vctober <br />, 19;5 <br />on the at the hour of <br />7:1C', o'clock p.m. :s."'_, the Los Gatos ToT'i Council C hazibers in tiie ov^in <br />.tall of the Town of Los uatos, County of Santa Clara, State of <br />California, said time and place being the day, hour and place fixed a~'. <br />said Resolution for hear -.g protests to the said annexation, the said. <br />Couancil of said Town did hear and pass upon c''-,.l°.. -protests made ;G said <br />proposed annexation and did determine r,t`1;fic_v no ~.~Y°Ot esIlas <br />. <br />to said pro- <br />Nosed annexation have been made by or on behalf of the ot,,ners of one <br />c alf of t,e value of the'ter-.;tort' proposed to be annexed as sho`tm, by <br />"se last equalized assess,31ent roll, nor by -o-L o Lic and private o,^,''ners <br />of equal to one- half of the value of +he t emit®ry p 'opoSec to he <br />annexed as determined by Said legislative body;. and <br />said teirito. is contiguous. to tie Toifu o f ?~o" <br />p ~S c't.~..•o and 110 _ <br />~.c ri._... .i _L ' d `v '.ritor -i i th e '"s ~ o..~ ~,nt .r o• *r. an <br />~1.*' .a ~ ~ ti Clray and <br />Page / of ~ a-es <br />