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a <br />tSPdl li INCE NO. <br />AN OFRDIINI%I%_UE :PPOV-71M THE 1%1\7~IEXATIOMI O CE:?T , N <br />A rR.. TAT, ;T!t - v ~;T.rv A m2?, {'D 1Sr T p :..''~zlf ..:i.» F' ; <br />Vr._t wT~}t.R T HE , -D~ '~?L;• OS GA', T _s9 avi[TT m W • NICI TIMEC OF LOS S X ~'~-w T,Ld'ry l~r-L-~J_S , ,E }'1R <br />~IIE T~;i4U COut~,~~.L OF T~}' :s~~,<<, v~ DAD! AS <br />Id d . ,EAS, on the 2nd day of Augusts 1956, _ the Council of the <br />Town of Zoos Gatos did pass and adopt a Resolution giving notice of the <br />proposal to annex certain territory to the Town of Los Gatos, said <br />territory being therein designated as "Blossom Hill Number One At', <br />and api.d action being taken by the Council of said Toizm as the <br />legislative body of the Town, said Resolution describing the boundaries <br />of the territory so proposed to be annexed to said Town; and <br />+J.rIEREAS, said Resolution did contain a notice of the day, <br />hour and -lace when and where the said Council of said ToArn would hear <br />protests made by any person owning real property within the territory <br />proposed to be annexed, the time of said hearing being not less than, <br />forty nor more than sixty days from the date of the passage of sand <br />Resolution; and <br />14F.EREAS, on the 17th day of September, 1956, at the hour of <br />7:30 o'clock P.M., in `the .Los Gatos Towm. Council Chambers in the Tow <br />Hall of the Town of Los Gatos, County of Santa Clara, State of California, <br />said tire and place being the day, hour and place fixed in said <br />Resolution for hearing protests to the' said annexation, the said <br />Council of said. Toti~n did hear and pass upon all protests made to said <br />proposed annexation and did.determine`that no protests to said proposed <br />annexation have been made by or'on behalf of the owners of one-half of <br />the value of the territory proposed to be annexed as shown by the last <br />ecualized assessment roll, nor by public and private owners of equal to <br />one-half of the value of the territory proposed to be annexed as <br />determined 0y said legislative body; and <br />WTIEREkS, said territory is contiguous to the Town of Los <br />Gatos, and is uninhabited territory in the County of Santa Clara, and <br />all of the procedural .;requirements of the Annexation of Uninhabited <br />Territory Act of 1939: particularly Government Code sections 35300 to <br />35314 inclusive have been fully complied.wit~e <br />Pas <br />Page 1 of <br />~ <br />