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ORDINANCE No. <br />AN ORDINANCE ESTABLISHING THE LOS GATOS TRAFFIC CODE REGULATING <br />TRAFFIC UPON THE STREETS OF THE TO`rN OF LOS GATOS PROVIDING <br />PENALTY FOR THE VIOLATION OF SAID CODE AND REPEALING ALL ORDINANCES <br />IN CONFLICT THERET,11ITH <br />THE TOWN COUNCIL OF THE TOTt;N OF LOS GATOS DOES ORDAIN AS <br />Preliminary provisions <br />Penalties <br />Definitions <br />T 'aff is Adminstration (Duties) <br />Enforcement & Obedience to regulations <br />Traffic Control devices <br />Turning 'Movements <br />One-way Streets and Alleys <br />Special Stops required <br />Miscellaneous Driving Rules <br />Pedestrians <br />Stopping, Standing, Parking <br />Stopping for Loading & Unloading Only <br />Stopping, Standing or Parking restricted or <br />prohibited <br />Application of Regulations <br />Authority to establish Loading zones <br />Authority to Install Traffic control devices <br />Authority of Police & Fire Dept, members <br />Authority to place & obedience to <br />turning (markers) <br />Authority to place restricted Turn signs <br />Authority to remove, relocate or discontinue <br />Traffic Control devices <br />District <br />to be Established <br />Clinging to moving Vehicles <br />Construction of Singular & Plural <br />Continuation of Existing Provisions <br />Crossing at Right Angles <br />Crossing Fire Hose <br />Curb <br />Curb Taarkings (no stopping and parking) <br />Crosswalk <br />Chief of Police to Sign one-way Streets, <br />and Alleys <br />Chief of Police to. Erect Stop signs <br />Chief .of Police to Establish Crosswalks <br />