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ORDINANCE NO. 3 ! 5 <br />AN ORDINANCE AIVIENDING ORDINANCE NO. 249 OF THE TOWN OF LOS GATOS, <br />ENTITLED "AN ORDINANCE ADOPTING A UNIFO.-FM BUILDING CODE, ESTAB- <br />LISHING FIRE ZONES AND PROVIDING FOR PENALTIES." <br />THE TOWN COUNCIL OF THE TOWN OF LOS GATOS DOES ORDAIN AS <br />FOLLOWS: <br />Section 1. That Section 3 of Ordinance No. 249 entitled, "An <br />Ordinance Adapting a Uniform Building Code, Establishing Fire Zones <br />and Providing for Penalties," passed and adopted by the Town Council <br />of the Town of Los Gatos on the loth day of December, 1940, be, and <br />the same is hereby amended to read as follows: <br />Section 3. For the purposes of said code, the entire Town is <br />hereby declared to, and is hereby established as, a fire district, <br />and said fire district shall be known and designated as Fire <br />Zone 2 and Fire Zone 3; that Fire Zone 2 shall be all that por- <br />tion of the Town, the exterior boundary lines of which are des- <br />cribed as follows: <br />BEGINNING at the Northeasterly corner of Lot 15, of Block <br />1 of the Almond Grove Addition, as recorded September 5, 1887 <br />in Book C of Maps at Page 3, and running thence Southerly along <br />the Easterly line of Lots 8 to 15 inclusive of said Block and <br />continuing Southerly to and along the Easterly line of Lots 15 <br />to 27 inclusive of Block 2 of said subdivision to the Northerly <br />line of Lot 14 of said Block 2; thence Iesterly, Southerly and <br />Easterly along the boundaries of said Lot 14 to a point in the <br />Northerly line of Bean Avenue, distant. thereon 100 feet Westerly <br />from the Southeasterly corner of said Lot 14; thence Southerly <br />to a point in the Northerly line of Lot 17 of Block 1 of J. W. <br />Lyndon's Subdivision as recorded September 17, 1881 in Book A <br />of Maps at Page 54, distant thereon 100 feet Westerly from the <br />-1- <br />