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• ~ f <br />ORDINANCE ~ IM. AN ORDINANCE REGULATING THE MAINTENANCE AND OPERATION OF GASOLINE <br />SERVICE STATIONS. <br />THE TOWN COUNCIL OF THE TOWN OF LOS GATOS DOES ORDAIN AS <br />FOLLOWS: <br />PART A <br />GASOLINE SERVICE STATIONS <br />SECTION 1. Dispensing Devices---Design and. Construction. <br />Class I and Class Il flammable liquids shall be transferred from <br />underground tanks by means of fixed pumps so designed and equipped <br />as to allow= control of the flow and to prevent leakage or accidental <br />discharges. Supplemental means shall be provided outside of the <br />dispensing devices whereby the source of power may be readily dis- <br />connected in the event of fire or other accident. Dispensing devices <br />for Class I or Class II flammable liquids shall be of approved type. <br />Devices meeting the standards of the Underwriter's Laboratories, Inc., <br />shall be deemed to be in compliance with this Section. Dispensing <br />devices using elevated or glass bowl compartments or containers from <br />which liquids are drawn by gravity shal.l be prohibited on and after <br />October 20, 1949 <br />Glass I flammable liGluids are liquids with a flash point below <br />25degrees Fahrenheit (4 degrees Centigrade) closed cup tester, as <br />for examples ether, gasoline, naphtha, benzol, collodion, acetone. <br />Class II flammable liquids are liquids with flash point above <br />that of Class I and below ?O degrees Fahrenheit (21 degrees Centigrade) <br />ciosedcup tester, as for example: alcohol, amyl acetate, toluol, <br />ethyl acetate, methyl acetate. <br />SECTION 2. Dispensing Devices--Location. Dispensing devices <br />at automobile service stations shall be so located that all parts <br />of the vehicle being served will be on private property. <br />-1-- <br />