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OR13ITAN~^sI~'~a NO, ~'Z C <br />i°3 <br />AN ORDINANCIE -NEDING SECTION 49 OF <br />ORDIiNTAY3 NO. 195 AS AIMNDED <br />The Torn Council of the Town of Los Gatos do ordain as <br />f of logs : <br />SECTION 1: That Section 49 of Ordinance No. 195 entitled: <br />"An Ordinance imposing s'unicipal. Licenses in the Torn of Los <br />Gatos, and Providing for the Gollection of the Same, and Pre- <br />scribing Penalties for the Violation Thereof," passed and <br />adopted on the 27th day of,November, 1922, as =ended, be, and <br />the same is hereby, amended to read as follows to wit: <br />"STi'GTiON 49: 'very person, f irm, or corporation <br />conducting, managing, carrying on, or engaging in the <br />business of plastering, plumbing, painting, or of <br />doing cement work or electrical work shall pay a <br />license of Twenty-five Dollars `$25.00) annually, <br />provided that the license of a builder shall not en- <br />title the holder thereof to engage in or carry on any <br />of the said businesses or occupations in this section <br />mentioned without first paying the license fee pro- <br />vided for in this section." <br />SECTION 2: This ordinance shall be published once in the <br />Passed and adopted at a regular meeting of the Town Coun- <br />cil of the Town of Los Gatos, held on the 2nd day of X_,E~~ , <br />1929, by the following vote: p <br />AYES, TRUSTEES : <br />r= <br />Gi-.7,/= reef= <br />'NOES, TRUE' TEES : <br />~U722_ <br />