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99 <br />is e <br />j <br />a. <br />i' <br />ITIO. 21 :2 201- <br />6'~ (~t Tt d'ry' ~}7 '1 ~ 11, ( /Y C <br />' ~.eJ ~.Ltl:l"~°. L.3..' 1wt~u U~.-'-.7 iL'3u 1 L ~Ja ? V1,u .1tVY u i.._ri i~ j,NCD V AF S J .1. LT''~,i 17 <br />iy <br />3 *J VER kiM AV R IS°S STHEETS OR ALLYT <br />a <br />INN fl_ BIDDI ?G TIM DISrI,~.?' OF GOODS UPOI Allffff SIDE"a.A= <br />6 i IEZ 1M=N COUiTflI?s OF THE TgU_a OF CGS G,sTOti .Jt,ES OR- <br />7 DAIN ~_S FOLLO3U S <br />y~ <br />8 E SEGTIO , 1: ~o sign of any kind shall be permitted to. <br />9 is hang or tifrom any building, post or pole over or :.cross, <br />~R <br />10 k or be placed upon, any s?deir:alk, street or alley in the Torn of <br />MI <br />11 PI!.Los Gatos, except that electrically lighted, horizontal signs may <br />12 r` be permitted v'>hen they and their supports are ma ntained at a <br />6i <br />13 $ height of not less than ten feet in the clear, above the sidewalk, <br />pa <br />14 and they are securely anchored to the building to t?hich on at- <br />15 torched, or so constructed that they may be swung back slush <br />f <br />against such building, and all such siwinging signs must during <br />17 khe daytime, be kept swung back flush against such building, and <br />18 j provided further that no horizontal sign shall extend further <br />19 q1~than the outer edge of the sadewalke Electrically lighted, sta® <br />20 1 t i onar <br />~R y, vertical signs are also permitted ~::T:rnen both ends of the <br />21 3; ,.~:~e are securely attar Led to the building, and do not project <br />22 ilmore than feet over the, inner line of the sideaalk, and when <br />23 11the loner end of the sign is more than ten feet above the side- <br />24 ji <br />25 T~~~alke <br />gV SECTION 2: It shall be unla s lul for any person, y irm <br />2n <br />or corporation, to keep or maintain any goods, wares or mer- <br />27 <br />,IchandisP upon any s'i dei'ralk, street, or alley in the To-,'In of Los <br />28 <br />Gatos, for display or any other purposes except while the same <br />29 Ili s actuall lo - from y being g ..~ded in or unloaded fro~ a vehicle at the <br />30 <br />?curb e <br />