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ORDINAITCM <br />000---000 <br />.-IT ?.~1N: iTC1~ CALLING A SPNC7AL L' 2 3CT 10N IN T El `i'G'.i111 OF <br />i' Oi~O ~IT101~ TO <br />LOS GATOS FOR ` IT T 1'U~PCY."I OF ~3Us3 tI'IT1iTG A <br />11ITCUk A 301M.e~L 114DIEBT"ITMTL SS : <br />000---000 <br />1~'1E BOi RD OF TRUTn.7. 1EES G i.Ci.' O LOS G'kTo`, do ❑r- <br />lain as follows, to V;itl: <br />Section-1. A special election is hereby called for 2015 and shall be held in the 'Tovrn of Los Gat~.Q ' County of Santa Clare, <br />6? t <br />State of California, on Tuesday, the 2 Gdaay 1926, to <br />submit, and at ihich special election shale bcifsub 2ittec , to uhe <br />qualified voters of the To-an of Los Gatos a proposition to incur <br />the bonded indebtedness of and by said toxin, to ,;it: <br />To incur a. bonded indebtedness of Thirty Thousand <br />($30,000.) Dollars in Gold Coin of the United States of ~ fierica, <br />for the object and purpose of payinL the cost of the acquisition, <br />construction and completion of fire apparatus and eauiprri.ent, <br />buildings to ho,_,,se fire apparatus and equiz)..ent, and land u-;-on <br />which to lo:;ate said buildings. `The estimated cost cf the said <br />proposed public improvements is the suli. of shirty Thousand <br />n <br />030,000®) <br />Dollars and the <br />at_iount of <br />the pri:icipal o-f the in- <br />debtedness <br />to be incurred <br />is Th i rt-Y <br />thousand 030,000.) <br />Dollars and the rate of interest 'o be >aid On s~_id indebted- <br />mess 1S five y%@_" Centui3 (vj") per annurl, payable seI.i-annual-Or. <br />Section 2. For the nur pose of Said s_:ecial e ection <br />said To},°rn of Los Gatos is hereby cc=).stitut-e , and es'-ablished as <br />one special municipal election --ecirzct9 `11".t ~ecieral election <br />precincts 1, 2, 31, 4, 15 and 6 are co-rsolditated ir_to one special <br />electi .-n precinct to be -known as niciloal ~ __;ecial !lect i on <br />Precinct 1%o m I"; that the place of votirn~ in said "S ,ecial <br />-I - <br />