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O%DINA-11T O H NO. -114 <br />000--- 000 <br />cr;jT 7,R T I" <br />OF 74", I.Os 0L.U7. _LS <br />OS C E.-K. <br />000 000 <br />Th? Board of Trustees of the Town of Los Gate d <br />ordain as follows; <br />.nCTI€3i3 Tma t the nary o f that rortirn of East <br />Scree t <br />alp <br />lying "West°r ly Of frig cent r 'line of the .cos Gatos Creek <br />be, and the same is hereby9 dn arg~d to West 17"tain Street <br />SE 0TIOIN 2 This ordinance shall -te jubl shed once <br />in the Los Gatos ll'A i l-Ye s 9 a 7-iree kl:r newspaper pUol2.S'ie , <br />in the <br />Town of Los Gaols <br />The above and fo going oral .na ce .v- s reg l v ,17, i tY'siduced <br />at a regular meeting of t'n=+ B 1"d of Trustees of th.-, Town o <br />Y, 6 <br />~~~pp d®Ts dd. ~BY° <br />T to s ?2 sw on Li~~ ~v u 4-r i+G BG* IY CMa T <br />~A <br />a,£JS Ga - , o f 1.920; an ~ dui v and re Aux ~3 - <br />17,r passed and ado- to d - t a regular m° s tin of sm a d B ov:~,rd ha. lu on <br />the ®Vth da-r of Sanlarv& 1926, 'by the following, Grote <br />AY2S I 17-tustee s: <br />-a 94,~ a - ~L~ <br />off- ` /7 <br />iTO Sg mg caste°s <br />