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CRDI T ls CE NO. Q J 9--l' <br />O'Clio e.c,GCC <br />AT ORDl 4 3CE FIXING T SA-LAR",'S OF Tr TOT <br />RECORDER AND SUP.ERfi 'E; DEZIITT OF STRI ETSe <br />000 -000 <br />The Board Trustees c f f:e Town o _ ' Los Gatos do <br />cr daill -.s f=ollows: <br />Sev ion 1. 7--vvn Recorder of the Town of Los Gatos <br />shall receive a sW:bxr~ of $50.00 per month as his co rpI:ns?,tlan® <br />Section' 2® 7'he Str3e t Suy erinden e-nt c f the Torn o f <br />Los GatoS Sll 11 re c-`,t ? salary yf q 1215.00 per month as his <br />c ©ili e!1 sa U, on. <br />Se ctiori 3. This ordinance shall tam. e fie v t and be <br />in farce from and after the first dNTr o f llrch5 1926. <br />Sect s, 4® Tnis crdin~m shall be pub1isaed once <br />in the Dos Gatos 'Mail-News, a weekly newsli ape r ipubli ssq !a in <br />the Town of Los Gato s® <br />The alhc,ve anddl foingoino oralLnance was introduced at <br />a regLts tr mee tin a of the Board of Trustees of the 'Tbirm of ~,cs <br />he id <br />Gatos/on the 21st day D f DecPr.r,Je r g 1-925 and du.llr and regularly <br />passed an <br />adopted <br />at a regular <br />meeting 0-f Sold <br />Board nF 1w on ..t~P- <br />v <br />4th day of <br />Januarv <br />1?25g b; ti <br />;:a=lo~vin vote; <br />A7Tn s : Trustees: <br />c.~~ a , o qtzP---- <br />aces: Trustees: <br />