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GR;IIiv' 1ItTU ITT. 112-11 <br />AN ORDINANCE OF ME TOWN CR LOS GATOS RRGTJIATI1NTG =T ACCMUTIsATIGN$ <br />COLLTICTIGN AND RE2111®VAL OF GAGAGR ITT AND FROM SAID TOW a. <br />The Board of Trustees of the Town of Las Gatos do or - <br />Crain as follows: <br />Section 1. Me word "garbage" used herein E a. ll mean <br />and include kitchen and table refuse; offal, swill and every <br />accuni~ulation of anima= fruit and yegeta.ble matter that a.tter~ds <br />vhe i,reparatio2a3 €zse$ consumption, dealing in and storage oL melt, <br />fish, fowls, fruit and vegetables, and all waste substances which <br />are and may become putrofactive, broken crockery and bottles, and <br />tzn~ cans. Dead animals.. street seeping.:sq :_:::aL- e and the contents <br />of cesspools and dry closets :hall not 'considered garbage. <br />The word "person" as used herein shall mean and include <br />every person, firm, association or corporations whether acting as <br />pr ncipa.l., agent, officer or employe. <br />Secti on 2. The Tovm of Dos Gatos its agents, servants <br />or e lcyes or any otter person thereunto authorized by contiact <br />nade by said Tins, or othe rai se authorized, by said Town, through <br />its Board of Trustees, s'r_all ga trer and co3lect garbage within <br />said Tov and shal.1 dispose of said garbage, and it shall be un- <br />lawful for any other person to col-ject or gather or cause to be <br />collected or gathered, garbage within said Town., or. to carry, con- <br />vey or transport, or cause to be carried, conveyed or transported, <br />garbage through any of the streets, alleT,rs or public places of <br />said Town. <br />Sect i en 3. e The Town o f Lo s Gato s may agree to pay and <br />may pay to its agents, servants or employes, employed, or other <br />persons who shall cont.-act to gather and collect and to dispose <br />of said garbage such compensation as may by the Board of Trustees <br />of said Town of Los Gatos be determined by resolution; or, said. <br />Town may authorize and permit its said agents, servants or employes <br />or such other parson: to charge and collect for such service, from <br />-die head of each h usehold iri said Town so served, such sum as may <br />be determined by said DcaVd of Trustees by resolution, and it shall. <br />be tmlawfu.l for any greater charge to be made for such service. <br />Section 4. It &.a,ll be unlawful for any person to de- <br />posits keep or accumulate or cause to be del:osi ted, kept or accumu- <br />lated., any garbage in or about any tot or parcel of land or <br />any public or private drive, al-ley or street or any house, stare, <br />restaurant or other place in the Town of Los Gatos, unless the <br />same be enclosed in a receptacle of the type hereinafter described; <br />provided, however, that the provisions of this ordinance shall net <br />be construed to prevent the feeding of garbage to chickens in proper <br />amounts for immediate consumption by such chickens, and so that suc`la <br />garbage shall not accumulate. <br />The receptacle he rein men timed must be watertiall t, <br />equipped wi lh a close fitting cover, provided with handles, and <br />of a capacity- not :'ess than five nor more than twenty gallons, <br />and made of galvanized iron.. <br />