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Ordinance _tl~ <br />ANT ORDINANCE PROYIBITTNG TRAV L UPON STREETS IN CQU S OF <br />CONSTRUCTION* <br />The Board of Trustees of the Torn of Los Gatos do ordain as follows <br />Section, 1. If it shall appear, necessary to the Superintendent <br />of Streets of the Town of Los Gatos,or to the Town. Engineer where super- <br />vision of the .work has been delegated to hinpto close ant. street,alley, <br />or gray so as to permit---the proper completion of any street work which <br />is being performed thereon, suh Superintendent of Streets, or Town <br />Engineer. ay close or cause to be olosed,the whole or any portion of <br />such street, alley or gray deemed necessary to be excluded from public <br />travel. While any such street alley or way,or portions thereof, <br />is so.closed,or while any such street,alley or way,or portion hereof, <br />is in process of construction or maintanance,suoh.Street Superintendent, <br />or Town. Engineer, or the contractor doing the work under authority , ,from <br />such Street Superintendent or Torn ngineer may erect or cause to be <br />erected, suitable barriers or obstructions thereon,may past, or cause <br />to be posted, conspicuous notices to the effect that the street, alley, <br />or :gay, or portion thereof, is closed or directing the traffie, and may <br />plaoe,or cause to be placed warning lights and lanterns on such, street, <br />alley or way, or portions thereof,when such street,alley or way is closed <br />to the publ io or in prooess of oonstr otion or maintenance, as provided <br />herein. Any person who willfully breaks dow'n,removes, in- <br />Junes or destroys and such barriers or obstruction.s,or tzars down, re- <br />moves or destroys any such notices,or exti~..i'guishes,removes,injures or <br />destroys any such earning lip qts or lanterns, so er eoted, po sted or placed <br />by such Street Superintendent, or Torn Engineer, or the authorized contractor <br />or either of them, or shall ride or drive any animal or vehicle across or <br />along any portion of such street,alley or way so closed, as aforesaid:, <br />shall be dev- acs guil-,a, of a misdemeanor and upon conviction thereof <br />shall be punished by a fine of not more than One Hundred and Fifty <br />Dollars (t'.1150.00) or by imprisonment in the County jail for not more <br />than 50 days, or by both such fine and imprisonment. <br />Section. 2. This Ordinance shall be published once in the Los Gatos <br />mail Nees. <br />