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ORDINANCE No. g a 3 t <br />0RDIIN"CE ENDING ORDINANCE NO. 199 <br />EXT I TISD "AN ORDINANCE PROVIDING FOR FIRE <br />LIMITS AND THE COIRTSTRUCT TON 1I3 L+ 9U 6 P ENT Q-F <br />BUILDINGS IN SHE TOWN OF I.+O GADS." <br />The Board of, Trus tees of the Town of Los Gatos <br />do ordain as follows, towit <br />SECT -10N I,--That Section l of Ordinance No. 199, entitled <br />"An Ordinance providing for fire limits and the construction and., <br />equipment of buildings in the. Turn of Los Gatos" passed and adopt <br />ed by the Board of Trustees of the Town of Los Gatos on the 17th <br />day of September 1923, be, and the same is hereby attended to <br />read as follows, towit: <br />SECTION 1. Fire Limits. The. following shall be <br />and are hereby declared to be the fire limits: <br />Beginning at the point of intersection of the <br />center line of Elm Street with-the center line of University <br />Avenue, in the town of Los Gatos, Calif orris, and running <br />thence along the center line of Elm Street, N. 62 degrees <br />'Test 200 feet, to the center line of the Southern Pacific <br />Railroad 4;cam any°s Right of Way, thence along the center <br />line, of said Right of Way, X. 32 degrees, 35 minutes E. <br />170 feet, to a point where.the center line of Bean Avenue, <br />if produced. Southeasterly would intersect the center line <br />of said Right of Way, thence along the line of prolongation <br />of the center line of Bean Avenue, and the center line <br />of Bear. Avenue, X. .61. _,degrees 30 minutes W. 490 feet, <br />thence: S. 20 degrees 10 minutes West crossing West li in <br />Street 010 feet thence S. 61 degrees E. 48 feet thence S. <br />29 degrees W. crossing Broadway 350 feet, thence at right <br />angles S. 61 degrees E. more or less to the Easterly Line <br />of Santa Cruz Avenue, thence along the Easterly. line of <br />Santa, Cruz Avenue, Northerly to the point of intersection <br />of the Easterly line of Santa Cruz Avenue with the S outherlyP <br />line of Main Street, thence along the southerly line of - <br />I Lain Street easterly to the intersection of said line of <br />min Street with the easterly line of Front Street, thence <br />along the Easterly line of Front Street, southerly 351 <br />feet more or less to are angle of said line of Front Street, <br />thence northerly _30 feet more or 'Less to an angle of said <br />line of Front Street and -thence still along the easterly <br />line of Front Street, southerly 150 fe.eta. thence S. 610 E, <br />75 feet to the common westerly corner for lots 14 and 15, <br />Shores Subdivision, theme N. 147 degrees E. 410 feet, thence. <br />crossing Park Street S. 50 degrees,E,.. 500 feet, thence due <br />East 330 feet, thence due North 175 feet to apoint in <br />the center .of East in Street n thence Ida 71 degrees 13 min- <br />utes R. 170 feet, thence due North., 145 feet, thence N. <br />82 degrees W. 110 feet, thence N®. 57 degrees W. 670 feet <br />to a point in the center line of University Avenue, thence <br />