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ORDIXANCE 2- 0 <br />AIT ORDIiWCE PROVIDING FOR A !MIRE INSPECTOR <br />AND HIS CGII ENSATION, FIXING HIS DUTIES AND <br />RuGUTATING THE INSTALI TION OI ELECTRICAL <br />FIRES J AND AP.PARL.TUS IN TIM TOYM OF LOS GATOS, <br />AND FLEES FOR INSPECTION. <br />The Board of Trustees of the Torn of Los Gatos do ordain <br />as follows:-- <br />SECTION I: A Fire Inspector_is hereby provided for the <br />Town of Los Gatos, 'Who shall be app®._'`ted by its council and shall <br />receive as, compensation for his services the fees hereinafter pro- <br />vided for. It shall be, and, is hereby made :nis duty, and he is <br />hereby empowered and authorized to enforce the provisions of this <br />ordinance and of the general laws of the state upon the same sub- <br />`ect, and to have and perform sub? ether or further duties, and <br />for such further compensation as may hereafter be provided for. <br />This employment shall continue at the pleasure of the appointing <br />power. He shall re'por't to the council. each month at the regular <br />meeting thereof, for the previous month, the collection of fees <br />by him hereby provided for by a statement filed with the clerk, <br />setting out in detail the fees collected, and for what collected, <br />and the names of the persons from whom collected. <br />SECTION 2. The :sire Inspector shall have the supervision <br />about electrical <br />any a buil.ding vacant <br />putting , appliances, apparatus in, on or all <br />ne <br />n,.ct~.ons <br />lot, public street, or alley in the Town of Los Gatos. It shall be <br />his duty to inspect all inside or outside electrical wiring in the <br />Town of Lo.s Gatos, whether telephone, telegraph, electric light or <br />power or other wiring, and to report any unsafe conditions to the <br />persons, firms, companies, or corporations owning or controlling the <br />same. It shall be the duty of the `Mire Inspector to disconnect any <br />electrical wiring connections, appliances or apparatus in the Town <br />of Los Gatos by pulling the fuses or cutting the wires controlling <br />the same, Vhene*e°r such e .ect.rical wiring, connections, '".appliances <br />or apparatus shall have been found or reported to be in an unsafe <br />condition, and it shall be unlawful for any person, firm, company or <br />corporation to use such equipment until it has been repaired and ap- <br />proved by the Fire Inspector, provided, however, that whenever such <br />equipment has been found or reported to be in an uns fe Condit ionthe Wire Inspector shall. give or cause to be.give persons, <br />~ <br />firm., company or corporation owning or controlling the same, notice <br />thereof, and demand that the same be repaired within the time fixed <br />by the Wire Inspector before disconnecting the same, as herein <br />provided. <br />firm, company or corporation shall <br />SECTION 3. No person,. <br />supply el ectrao current AV equip with electrical wiring, fixtures; ~ <br />or apparatus or xz a-Q any alterations Jin or additions to, any elec®-_ <br />trical wiring or apparatus in, on or about any building,.xacant lots <br />public street or alley in the Town of Los Gatos, without first <br />notifying the vfire Inspector in writing and receiving from him a II <br />written permit to do such work. Such permit shall state the kind., <br />of work a, o be dome and shall. cover only the kind of work so rtes rghl at <br />rd. Said permit shall also state the location by street and, number <br />of the building where said work is to be done, and shall be valid <br />only for the location so stated. When an equipment is found to <br />conform to the rules and regulations adopted herein, the Wire In- <br />spector shall issue a certificate that the terms of this ordinance <br />have been complied with, but no such certificate shall be granted <br />