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OftDl~~i~G~ ~0,~22 <br />An Ordinance to License <br />Laundries, Laundry <br />Wagons, Solicitors for <br />Laundries and Drivers of <br />Laundry Wagons. <br />THE ROARD OF TRIISTEE~ OF <br />the Toa-n of Los Gatos do ordain ne fol- <br />lows <br />SIICTIO\ 1.-It shall he unlnw.ha for <br />any peraon,flrm or corpuratiou, except <br />ae hereinafter provided to solicit. fm• a <br />laundry, or drive a laundry wagon or <br />maintain a ]sundry agency within the <br />corporate limits of the Toren of Los Ciatos <br />but this ordinamce shall nett apply to a <br />laundry located within t.hs corporate <br />limits of the said 'porrn of Los Gatos, <br />without first havin; procured n license <br />therefore. <br />Sec. 2.-.Sll ]nunclr}~ n•agons or drivers <br />or solicitors [or the eamo and agencies <br />for the saute Ehall flays quarterly license <br />of sic ($0.00) dollars, end no license shall <br />be ieQUed fur leas than one quarter. <br />Sac. ^u.-All ordinances or parts of or- <br />tinances in~eouflict herewith are hereby i <br />epealed. <br />This ordinance shall he in force and <br />.aka ett'ect from nad after its passage, <br />approval sad publication. <br />Praesed this 21st day of Decemher,1003. <br />Arcs-B, F. 1S'illinme, J. FI. Peares, <br />3. P. Shuler. R. R. Be11, J. H. L}-ndnn, <br />1\ oLa-Iv oxs. <br />Ans>:~r-:~ ox>;, <br />Approved, <br />T. H. LI?\DUN, <br />President of the Beard of Trustees of <br />ie Town of Los Gntoe. <br />A•i°rssr. J. Fronk Henderson, <br />Town Clerk- <br />..-. <br />r f <br />~` ti's ~'~` f -~`'~-~.~1..~~' ~cr.-~~-~~ ~~--~-~r'° <br />i-- ~~ ii <br />r. <br />i'~~~~- f~~ ~ Y tea''/~~ . ~ ~rl; /L~-c _~,G~-t. <br />!/~~~y-GCS-1 rc- .~L~` ~GG~C,c.i <br />1(/~~ <br />~j~ <br />~~ <br />~/ <br />y~,~2U <br />Y~ '~ ._.~ __ - ~ k _...__ <br />~ e <br />:., ;:x,. <br />.. a~~.~,, ,~.-_._.__- -~~...... _ _____- <br />