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~~ <br /> <br />An pr~lixiar,ee apl~oinCir~g <br />Messrs. B• P. Shiner, R. R. , <br />Bell, D. C. Crummey, ~^T• <br />H. B. Tran±ham, and J.I <br />W. Lyndon as a L'ara~y <br />Board. <br />TTI>; BoA?zil nr 71tL'='rl:,s o>,' TiIE <br />+pa'n of Los Gnt~~s .1u U:dnin ns i~~l- <br />lo~cs <br />'eeera, h P. Fl~.t:'cr, 11.. <br />~EC'TIGN I.--"~+ ' <br />R. Dell p. C• Cnun;oey, \\'. H. B. <br />'Prnnthnm and 7. A'. Lyndo^ nre hereU}• <br />nppointc~l ns n T.ibrarc 13onrd. <br />SEC, ~,-.ill ordinances and pnrte of I <br />ordinances in coI?Liict hcrenith ure here- I <br />U}• repented. <br />6ec. 3.-This .ordinance ehalal bo?'Il'~ <br />force iron and after its passage, pp <br />anil pnUlioatioo. <br />Passed lUls nth duy of UctoUer, 19x3. <br />A~'Ee-D. C. Cnnume}', J. Li. I'enrce; <br />13. P. SUul>r, J. IL L}~ndon, R. R. ISell. <br />Doss-Mono. ~ <br />A xer::T-~ one. <br />Approved, <br />J. II. i,TI~DC15, <br />President o[ the Eoard of Trustees of <br />• the To~cn of Los i;ntue. '~ <br />Al"r EST: <br />J.F. IIr`susxaor:, Clerk. <br />~~c~ <br /> <br /> <br />' <br />~~~~ ~ ~r~r~~~y~.~~d' <br />w~~' <br />- c-Sc`-'k ?t.~-mtt!'x'. 4"dt'~i.- . .-fin sn... ....., .ma. .. .. .x..;,[i:J?.._ - .~r. <br />-~~ . <br /> <br />LB - <br />_ v-.,F».M Ste! c -.w..... .+~.-~ ..... .. ..........._ m~witm <br />