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k ~~ <br />9 <br />~ ~ .~-~' <br />i <br />ORDIN~NOE ~0, X17, ~ <br />An ordinance appointing <br />~. W. Pearce Town P.e- <br />corder of the Town of Los <br />Gatos. <br />The Board of Trustees of Lhe Ton'n of <br />Los Gatos do orduin ae follows: <br />Section I,-B. 1V. Pearco i,~hereby ap- <br />pointed Town Recorder [or the Tosti•n of <br />Los Uatos, <br />Sec. L~.-E-le shall receive ne compen- <br />sation a fee ofbt.hree dollars for seer}• <br />~ misdemeanor prosecuted i^ the'Po;vn Re- <br />corder's Court. <br />Sec. 3.-dll ordinances or parts of or- <br />dinances in conflict herewith are hereby <br />repealed. <br />SEC, ~,-Thls ordinance shall be i^ <br />force from and after its passage, ap- <br />proval and publication. <br />Passed this 1Gth day of i+ebruar}•, I~J03, <br />by the Gillo~r•iol; vote. <br />.~1~'ES-D. C. Orurnmep, J. Il. Pearce <br />:~. I'. Shuler, J, II. Lyndou, 1;. IT, l;ell. <br />ocs->\ orie. <br />tLI3EE\7'-IJ~ine. <br />:lpproved, <br />J. IT. LYSi~O~, <br />President of tba 13oard of 'Pru:;lees of <br />the Town of Los Gutus. i <br />:~1`I`E61' <br />J. F. Hr:~nereo~, Clerk. ~ <br />--- <br />~` <br />.~ ~-rat i~~2~~/ ~~~if rr~2t~.,~ F! ~~a~~~' ' <br />[~J / <br />r /A a + <br /> <br />- ~ "` , <br />..' <br />... <br />.__.......MS~vrorw~-.-,_~... _ __.~._.-.~nzr8'A~sa~.e»snm.~~.~. _.. a~+vmst~#F. . ^ a r~+ <br />