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ibR~INANCE N0.114 <br />~n Ordinance Imposing a <br />License on Slot Ma- <br />c:i3ir~e~, <br />Yt'HE BO_°.RD OF TIiUSTEE6 Or THE <br />p Town of Loa Gatos do Ordain ae iol- <br />rows <br />Sxclro~ 1.-Every person who shall <br />iglate anc of the p}•o~4eione gf tlljP ar- <br />finance shall be guilty of a misdemeanor <br />S ~ nd on conviction thereof shall be pun- <br />?Ished by a fine of not more than $100, or <br />!' by imprisonment iu the County Jail of <br />,,r Santa Clara county for a term not ~x- <br />peediug fift}' days, or by hotjr Stich tine <br />find imprisonment In the discretion of <br />~he Court. <br />Sxc. 2.-It ehnll be unlawful for any per- <br />'eon, fine or corporation to keep, main- <br />tain or alloR' jn pr shout their premises <br />?any slot machine of any description, <br />without first taking out or procuring from <br />the License Collector the hcenae re- <br />gnired. <br />Stc. 3.-El~ery •Rereon, ftru} qr cphppla_ <br />:,ion u•ho shall Gwn and operate a slot <br />nachjne shall pay to 4he License Col• <br />ect.or the sum of :~26 per quarter forench <br />said slot machines or devices. <br />Sr:c. 4.-Every pcr on, G,tu orcotpora- <br />Lion having a license under the provis- <br />jons of thit3 ordinance, shall ]reap the <br />same posted while in their respective <br />place of business and shall also produce <br />the same when required to do so by any <br />'fovu officer or when applying for re- <br />aee•sl, <br />Sr•.c. 6--?Qo licence granted or issued <br />under the provisions of tide ordinance <br />shall be in any manner assignable or <br />,transferable. <br />Sec. O.-It le hereby made the duty <br />of the Marshal to enforce all the provis- <br />ions of this ordinance, and to make com- <br />pluint br:fore tho Town Recorder against <br />any porsou,6rm or corporation who shall <br />violate any of the provisions of this m•- <br />diuance. The conviction and punieh- <br />rneut of nny person or persons under the <br />provisions of this ordinance shall not ea- <br />I empt them from the pacment of any h- ~ <br />• cease dui or unpaid at the time of con- i <br />~ viution. 'Phe amount of fire license shall <br />I be deemed a debt to the Town of Loe <br />t` ----------- - --- <br />t;atos, and o^ being notified by the Tea <br />Collector, the 1'oaur attorney is ^ulhor- <br />ired to omuurence n suit or soils, in the <br />name of il:e'1'oe•n ai Los Cintos, in the <br />' props- C• ui t for the rerocer}• of the sum <br />due. <br />t:c ;.-.1nv person not n municipal <br />i odirer, ni:rking n complaint io the Tutvn <br />Recorder Ihat will lead to the convictio^ <br />of ::ny cue violating Chia ordinnice, Trill <br />~~pon proof of rhrirr., lie entitled to one <br />h•~.!f fibs net tine collected fraw said con- <br />vieted tarty. <br />ec S.-all ordinances or earls o[ or- <br />dinances in conflict ,vith Ihia ordinance <br />are hereb{ repealed. <br />Sec•. 0.-This ordinnnce sbull bN in toll <br />force and efl•ect frmn and after its pns- <br />safe, approval and puh!icatian. <br />i Passed this TG16 day of J ane, 1002, <br />Avxs-D. 0. Crnmmey, J IT. Pearce, <br />B, P, Shiner. <br />Iroxs-J. H. Lyndon. <br />Anexr:•r-R. R. Bell. <br />Approved, <br />J. II. LY~II)0\, <br />President of the Board of 1'rusleee of <br />the Toa•n of Los Gatos. <br />A'rras•r <br />''" J. F.•flxxnxaso:~, Town Clerk. <br />~, <br />~~ <br />~:'':. <br />s <br />i <br />rl <br />a ~! 1 ~,,: <br />t. ~~ff ,`~ ; f ~,,~ <br />•1 <br />t`\J` ~ <br />~~~rr>z ~/ l ~~ <br />/lam /~ ~i~ ~~,t%yv <br />-(lj~vyL ~ (/ """~ <br />/ - " J~~' <br />~~S~r~a~2~c%uiyc' <br /> <br />_; , <br />