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. ~ <br />11 <br />~ Ssc, 22-For irrigation, foruaeot <br />ng ajoaera and <br />inki <br />t <br />t O 3 <br />RDI~~NC~ :~0 i <br />hone. for Bpr <br />graBB plater Of not morn than jiitir <br />h <br />~ '9i' <br /> ~~ <br />~ ~ • • : • • • • <br />square y'arde, per Mont <br />ardexcseding ti(- <br /> ' For each squarer y <br />ty per month, % cent. <br />t <br />A n Ordlnnnaa EetuLll~hing 'WaUr Itateo E~,p, 23-FOT lln0 Of h08a in fron <br />tores and <br />f <br />l <br />' ~ <br />B <br /> r.rr u,. rear (:nmroencing July 1, > ooz, <br />t <br />G <br />' s <br />o <br />~ <br />alks, <br />rinkhng Btdew <br />windows and ep ,24 to 1.00 <br />$ <br />mo <br />t os. <br />- <br />Power or Las. <br />fur the . <br />,,, <br />accordingto homage, per <br />ter truuQhe, for <br /> <br />Y \ <br />Sac. 24-For wa <br />h trough on sidewalk, por mo. $1 to g3 ' <br /> ~fE1i BO:II2D OF'~RUSTI;ES OF TL-IE <br />'Loa'n of Loa (autos du ordain as inl• t eac <br />Ssc. 25-For China wash-houses r <br />for ono washer' <br />t own: 1 for uee of water[ <br />3.75 ' <br /> The ncedulB rotes to be charged to e Per month ..... <br />For each ndditiouel man at the 3 <br />00 <br /> <br /> <br />u <br />water rate payers to be collected [or fur Y <br />iahing water to consumers withi^ the . <br />same houne......... • • • • • • • • • • ' " <br />j <br />/ <br />r water-carts <br />F <br />t <br /> <br />u foa'^ of Los Baton fur the year canmeo- <br />shall be as tollowe: <br />1fl0'l <br />ingJuly 1 o <br />SEC. 26- <br />rink- <br />t a•agone for ono o[ fo t <br />a hr1000 Kal- <br /> , <br />, e <br />- linj streets Duly, ,12 <br /> Sxc'rtox :-For tenemen'e occu- <br />pied by n single htmily of not more long used ................... • • <br />27>cFor wntut used by me- <br />SEC <br />t han five peroone, per mouth,... •$ •00 , <br />`• ter minimum chBrgB of 1.00 pper <br />to 8000 <br />e Ssc, 2r-For fumilien and private wonth which entltlee user <br />t bourdiu~ houses of morn than fivo <br />paroone, shall be charged for each gallons. er thousand •25' <br />Next 17.,000 Kall°a <br />H~ per thousand •15 <br />9 pernou above that number, per 1 <br />All aver 20,000 g <br />dissatisfied <br />d <br /><' ioonth ............... .......... •1fi <br />Children of souse years and under nr® Ssc, 28-:key consumer <br />e with the amount of hiB monthly rate for <br />y <br />djusts <br />4 exempt from tho ahovo rule. I- wptpr can have the name a <br />lies <br />nn <br />'!nH the Water comp Y <br /> Ssc, 3.-For small families occu- - ter by pt>y <br />f tho motet Gqf~ a reasonable coat <br />_ pying'io,,ms i^ second nod third <br />h <br />•i5 cost o <br />oue- <br />cSect ont27 of <br />dh <br />l <br /> ............... <br />stoliea, per mont n <br />ae p ovide <br />I and Kallone <br /> SEC. 4-For restaurants and eat- <br />per month,......$3.UU to 6.00 <br />ing houses d the foregoing tarid of rateB. <br />29-The Board o[ Dtrectore of the <br />SEC <br /> , <br />EEC. 6-1'or hotels and lodf;ing , <br />f 1\'ater company shall h meterethe quan- <br />to oecertain by <br /> houees, rate subject to npecial agree- all cases <br />fix the price na <br />of water Used np(j - ' <br />il <br />~ <br /> meat in accordance atith the quern- <br />tit}' of wa'.er used, to be determined p <br />t <br />provided Uy Section 27. u o^ the }larm <br />l <br />' p <br />t <br /> by water, ere provided to Section '27 <br />d y <br />e <br />Sac. 30-Immedia <br />of fire t{ll ~ereonB using water cot feu ets <br />} <br />tt <br /> Sera U-For small Btoree an <br />sbops. per wouth .50 l <br />tinK purposes {east close <br />d kee them closed urmg the cgnttu- <br />e <br />Fi <br />i <br /> SEC. 7-For stores sail shops, per c <br />an <br />P the <br />aerate of the ueo o[ the water by <br /> <br />l ... , .. $LUU to $2.50 <br />month. <br />SEC. 8-For saloons, per month, department: <br />31-For water wil[ully or <br />SEC <br /> ....... $1.50 to $3.50 . <br />careiesnly a~iowed to run over ntght <br />~ SEC. 9-For rooms in second and er, or n <br />through n honer, e BPriP~eT night "c.40 <br />hall be p <br /> third stories occupied. ere offices, for <br />per mouth..... ,$ .25 to .50 <br />oath room faucet, the rate s <br />33-For wntex used {rom <br /> , <br />5ac.10-For photograph galleries <br />00 <br />t)~ t0 $5 <br />$3 .SEC. <br />hydrants for fire purposes by the <br />f Lon GeL08 fOT each <br />. <br />l <br />~ . <br />. <br />par lnOnth ................ <br />Ssc. 11-For public water cloeetn Town o <br />oar- <br />drpnt; per annum, payable q. 4,00 <br />,, . <br /> where thore in Duly one, per.month 1.00 tarty.. ~ ~ • • • •""" <br />r used fo <br />t <br />~ <br /> For each additional one per month •3U <br />For private one per month........ .4U e <br />Ssc. 33-For wa <br />treete <br />e <br />tag sewers and eprinklinK <br />s <br />t <br /> Ssc. 1?-For public bnthtnbs o <br />oolyby the Town o{ Los Ga <br />, ,12 , <br /> uned in bathing eetu6lishmeote, <br />boarding houses and barbershops per 1000 Kallons..... • . <br />SEC. 34-This ordinance shall {alto ef- <br />nd after June <br /> for first one, per month........... LE 0 tact and be in Lorca from a <br /> For ouch additiontd ono par month LOU 30, 1002. arty of or- <br />I Fur bathtubs used in private !am- <br />25 SEC, 35-9t1 ordinances or p <br />conflict with. this ordinance <br />i <br />e <br />,( ilien, per month ................. • <br />13-For hakories in addition <br />Ssc n <br />~ dinances <br />are harehy repealed. l00° <br />' <br />9 . <br />W the family rates, according to _. <br />Passed thin 17th da3' of February, <br /> rho monthly uee of Dour, far each <br />1.50 <br />g <br />f <br />uj <br />i <br />Eulliva ,•f JulnP~1 <br />CII`I <br />d <br />S <br />I, <br />, \PICIIOnt <br />4-For dPl1gBLOre <br />Ssc <br />l <br />• <br />on <br />Lyn <br />J. H <br />5 <br />r the use of node or other fountains, IvnES-'_~one. <br />~- per month......... ... ... 1.00 <br />For drugstores where soda or oth- ABBE~T-None. <br /> r.r (onntainB are used,per month $2 to 3.00 ~kpproced. <br />J.'IS~ <br />T <br /> SEC. 15-For blacksmith and <br />.other wa{;on ohope, per month.... 1.O . <br />U <br />President u{ the Board of Trustees °f i <br />~ Sec.lfi-For livery Btabtes, in- d <br />the Toa'n of Los Gatoa. <br /> eluding water for washing. buKgien <br />Attest: <br /> and carriages, for each horde, per Town Clerk. <br />IiEE <br />R' <br /> month ...... ... ............... .2 , <br />.\L <br />5 i G. S. <br /> CEO. 17-For private stables in- <br /> Clllding w'atei for hOree End wafBT "f <br /> fora'nahing buggy, per month,.... .3 5 t <br /> For each additional horde or cow, •. <br /> per month......._ ............... .2 0 <br /> 6EC. 1&-For steam engines, not <br /> working over 1C horse-power per <br /> derv, for each horse-power so used, <br /> per month........... ........ .7 0 <br /> For all working over 10 home-pow- <br /> er per day, for each horso-power, <br /> per month ............ ......... .4 6 <br /> 6rc. 1fl-=Fur building or plaster- <br />1 for slacking each barrel of lime .1 <br />ing 5 <br /> , <br />For water used by bricklayers to <br /> make tr.oarr naddamponthebrick <br /> ~ oac111000 brick .......... ....... .1 5 <br />',~ SEC. 2U-For barbenhope whore <br />1 <br /> one chair ie need, pormontht ..... 1.0 0 <br />ja Fqr Dash additional ehnir, pee month ,$ 0 <br /> Sac. 21-For dougt-ine not usod <br /> more than six hours por dap, for <br />'• ~~ E-lfi inch jetr per month.......... 2;0 0 <br />~, * .For 1-B inch Let, pee month....... 4.0 0 <br />:: :.For 1-~ 1L4CZL;19L~: peiYmon tlr ... - .. 10.0 0. <br /> _.- i <br />- _ .-.:~.'PC'-~f1Y .~ r~' ~5in'YHSS~ 5Et<.;~ffYM%t' <br />~4s"..a/n:s ,rF - ~1'v ter. -a ...,. ..., ~ ~ 5• ..~~1 --.- t.., .aU.S <br />