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i <br />a. <br />~ 1 ,,//JJ ~,, <br />~I - ` <br />t-eeWOm28, .Any conenmer diesntiatied with the <br />e ~' omtt of hie nronthly;;rale for water, unn have <br />_ '~ he same adjusted by meter by paying the water <br />emnpany.tho cost of the meter and renaonnhle cost <br />i for setting theeame, at the rate per thousand gallon <br />ae pcgvlded in section 27, of rho forgoing LnrIR'of <br />rates. <br />' Section 20. The Raard of Dirertorsnf the venter <br />company shall hnvethe poyvor In all mtses to naeor- <br />i thin by meter theynantity' of venter used End iiz the <br />price as Provided'Uy seatiou 27.. <br />' Sention 30. Immediately npon.the alarm of lire <br />d all peremts using waterfor irrignHng purposes mast <br />' close their faucets unR keep them closed during the <br />continuance of the use of wntm• by the fire depart- <br />; meat. <br />' fieet.ion 31. Ror venter wilfully or carelessly al- <br />~ lowed to.~rnn over night through chose, n sprptklor, <br />i or a faucet, the rate shall he, per night ....... ..... 2,b0 <br />Seetion.32. Ror cantor need from hydrants for <br />the purposes by the town of Los Gatos, .for euelr hy- <br />I drnnt per murnm, payable gmutedy .... ... 5.00 <br />Section 33. 1'or water need for flushing sewers <br />and sprinkling arrears only, by the town of Los Ga- <br />tos, per 1,OOD gallons..., .................. 12 <br />5eatiorr s~l. '1`hie ordinance shall take effect and <br />,. he }n force, frmn mrd after Jnne 3), IDUO <br />Bastion 35. Al} ordinances or parts of ordinun- <br />cos in conll}at with this m•diuaneo, are hereby re- <br />• pealed. <br />Passed this+f91.1; day of Rehruary, 19UU. <br />SAN JOSS WATER COIKPANY. <br />WATER RATES <br />Established by Ordinance No.laar,,,,. <br />TOWN OF LOS GATOS. <br />'~'Hti 6OARD OIP TRUSTR.liS OR THR TO{YN OR - <br />},oa Gatos, do ordainas .follows; <br />The sohedule of tutee to ho ehnrged to venter <br />rate payers to he collected for flirnishtng water to <br />consumers within the TON11 of Los t3ntos for the year emn- <br />meneing July 1, 190, abaft heats folloy+ <br />Seotion 1, L'or tanemeute occupied by n single <br />fnntily of not more than five persons,/per month ,9D <br />Pension 2. Ror families and private hoarding <br />houses of more than live persons, ahnll be ehnrged <br />for each peramt shove that number, per mmtth.... .1Fi <br />Children of seven years and raider iu•oexempt From <br />the above rate. <br />Section. 3. Ror small families occupying romne <br />in sermtd and third stories, per month ............ .75 <br />Section 9 p'or reatunntnts and. enthtg he11809, <br />._. <br />pm• month........ ........ .. $3.00 to G.,,n ..~ <br />8eolion 5. Ror hotels and lodging houses, rates ~ .- <br />snbjert to speniul agreement in ncca•dnnre with the <br />yuuutity of worst used, Lo be determuied by meter, <br />us provided to Pertieu 'L i. <br />~~ <br />I' <br />it <br />iI <br />~, ,f ~1,, II - ~1 ~j~"yam ~ „y/I <br />~~G~,~.~~ - ~ I i s!Ga- ~ .off O ""'°'' p"6..~1~ ~ y~.< ~ _ _ Y / ~ ~` 1 <br />~'I' has' . i~ _ G~~i'Y~~" _" . "~ . ~ ~ ~ _ ~. <br />~ ~J~/ <br />(~ , !! <br />~i ~ ~~ <br />li <br />~f ~~ <br />;I <br />tl <br />_ l~~! _ <br />