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<br /> <br /> di <br />O <br />N <br />b ~ FC2•tn>; ~;,. For nae Hf buss In <br /> nance <br />er l05 <br />r <br />um <br />I y <br />.It of stores and shops, for wash- l <br />~' ~ ing windows and sprinkling side= <br /> <br />- <br />An ordinance establishing a•allce, according to frontage, per <br />>- <br />th <br /> <br />~~- a,ter I;,a~tes for the Tear mon <br />...................... _oc co I OO <br />s,:c••r1Hx ?-i. For water trnngha, <br />, <br /> ~(',g111I]]1]g,Tlll~r 1, 1~90~ f01' Ifor each trough ou sidewalk, per <br />1 <br /> <br />t~]~ T0~1-I] Of Los ~a <br />tOS mm,th ......................•.~1 to 3 00 <br />~ <br /> , <br />• 8t•:c'rlvx '_'S. Fur Chinese wash. <br />~ <br /> houses for nae of water for one <br /> The Bvard of Tnlete~ a of the Town of ~ washm•, pm' month ................3.F5 , <br /> Los Gatos, do ordain as follows: The 1'or etlch additional man at the <br /> schedule rates to he charged to water same house .. , ..... , , , o Ott <br /> rate payers, to be collected for furnish- Slsc•r,ozr ?}i. Fm• water carts and <br /> ing water to consumers within the town , a'agnna for use of water for spnnlc- , <br /> of Los }or the year commencing ing streets only, for each 1000 gal- •r <br /> July 1, IOOO, shall be as follows: Ions used .......................... 1? <br />Src'rrot: 1. Por tenelnenta ocen- Srosron ^;. For Wa[P.l' used by <br />pied by a single Tamil}~ of not more meter, minimum charge of X1.00{Ter <br />than five poreone, per mo th......$ cJ0 month which entitles user to 30110 <br />81:c°rlox °. ror families and pri- I °allone. <br />vats Hoarding houses of more than I Next 11,000 gallons per thousand 25 <br />five peraous, shall be charged for All vver 3t],(]00 gallons per thousand 15 <br />each person above that number, per <br />month 1 ~ ~ ~1ZC'1'IOS 28. At,y consumer (Iis- <br />5 <br />Cliildren of seven }•eare suet un- ~.,satistied with the amount. of his <br />~ monthly rate for water, can have <br />der are exempt from above rate. I the same adius(ed by roster by pap- <br />3ec'rlos ;;. For emaL families ~ ing tl e water company the cost of j <br />necopring rooms in eec:vnd anal the meter and reasonnhle cost for ' <br />thirJ NLOI'IeF, per month .......... i5 ~ setting the same., at the rate per <br />Sac°rtv:: -!. hor rrFtanranta and I thousand gallon aF provided in aer- <br />e8titl(; hUn NHf., Pe.r Ill Oilth .. .;t:i l]() (O o (]~ I [7011 _ , Ol [Ile f01'e~!Olllg tarlfl~ OI <br />~h: C'I'I(l\ 6. For hotalF and lodlr- ~ ra teF. ; <br />ins huuseF, 1'x to FI1IijPCt tU Fp('('I:II ~li ("r10\ _,I. The IJoa rd Of t,l l'P(' I <br />agreement in acaordanco w.itll the ~ tors of [.lia {C at P. l' Coin{)all\', shall <br />yuanutr o[ a•atrr used, to he deter- have the power in all ca es to aF- <br />mine(i Ip~ meter, xs provided in certain Try meter the quxutity of <br />tiection P; I a'aler need and fix the {,rice as .pro- <br />8st°rla~ (i, Fur small stores and vided I~q' section 9i. , <br />shops, prr munch ............... 50 Sc(°rtnS Sal. Lnmediatel7 upon <br />tit:(^rtus ;. hvr stores and abnp.a <br />' the alarm of ti re all peravns using ; <br />a'at.e.r for irrigating purposes most j <br />per month .... ..............$'.1 to 3 5ll - r.lose their faucets and ktu-.l. them ' <br />~t:c°rtvs S, 1~vr aalnonF, per i closed dm•ing Ibe continuance of the ~ <br />Mouth _ ...... ........... $1,50 t.~ 3.50 ~ llfit'. Ut a'alP,i' 1'1{' the fire departure.nt., <br />~t:<°rtos 0. iror rooms in Fecond ~ Sec^ru,x;ll. ror tvmter tvil(ully yr <br />and thud stories occupied ae offices ~ carelessly allowed to run Deer night j <br />for each room, per montll,,.HOc to 501 through a hose, a sprinkler, or a I <br />Se(°rurx 10. For pl,(.tograplt dal- ~ faucet, the rate shall he, per night, ^ 601 <br />levies, per(monUt, ..........1F;; to 5 00 ~ Slsc•1•ms: 3`_'• For water used from <br />sr:<^rw~ 11. For pul,lic water hydrluua fur fire porpoFes by the• <br />closets wl,el e there iF only' m~e, l er' <br />I ti,a'n of Los Gasvs, [or each hvrlranr <br />month ... ..1 00 .Fier annum, payable quarterly.... 5 0(7; <br />Feu each additional one 1-per month.. 30 • Src•rum;!3. H'or avatar used for <br />Got pri,~au~r uue, paa• month ........ 4l1' ~ }h,Fhing Fe.lvers and Fprinkling <br />~rc:non l:'. Fur public bath lobs ~ streets only, hr the t.ow^ of Lus <br />l1FHd In b:lllling P.atabIIFIIRIentF, IialUS, pE;r 1,(10(? gallons............ I° <br />boxrdink Itouaes, }uxl bother shopF ~ Stc(°rtvs 3d. Thietn'dinance shall <br />for.(irat one• {ter month .............. ] oft , take eflecf and l.e in force, [tom anti <br />Fat each additional one per mouth .1 Olt I after ,l one 30, 7000. <br />For axth tubs used iu private farm- I <br />IieF <br />is' nunul ~ S¢e•'rtos ;n. :111 ordinances and <br />, P <br />i ................... 26I I part~so[ onfinxhces in conflict with <br />`~1.~°riu'` 7:;, 1•'m' bak,.,-ies, in ad- ` thiF m•dinan ca, are hereby repealed. <br />ditivn l., th,• ian,ily r;,Pes, .,u:oalill~ • <br />lv th,~ n,unrl~ly use of flour <br />for etu•h I'aased this I!rth day v( rnbruarv, 1800. <br />i <br />' <br />' <br />, <br />"5 hith. u~r•1 per mmuh ...... ...1 50' .1ces: 13, r, 11 <br />illiams, i.;. H. Lewis <br />~,T. II.,Lyndun and T. ,1. Davis. <br />SI:rTn,.~ ]4. For drug stores with- '_~ues: ?\one. <br />nut the use of Foda or other fount- I A6acnt: ], ?~, havis. <br />sins, per month ...... .........1 0(1- :?PProred'this 18th day of February ~~ <br />For drug stores where soda or other ! 18'On. <br />fountains are used, per month..$?to300 ~ 'i',J.Ilw9>,I'reeideul.I;oardof '1'rus-I <br />`t.i'rlorr 15. For hlackenlieh and ~ lees. j <br />. R'.taUn siiupF,.per mmllh ..: .......1 L)(I 3llent: t:, ~.. IC.i A.R t: ti, CI.GRI:. <br />~ ~i--n"n lu. 'For licerv et.abler, ~ <br />inciuJn,~ water for a'ashiuk iwggica <br />an(i rarriage•~, for each horse, per I <br />wouttl ........• ..... .............. .o' <br />Sr('rmx 1". Fur priests stables <br />includinx water fur horse and mater I ~ ~' <br />/ ~ ~ ~- <br />~~.~~- r <br />{ <br />L~2~~~ <br />L"1'2~~ <br />~' <br />fUY wash lilg lrllp6\', per u,onth...... 8d j <br />hor adctitiuua,l bursa or evw, per _ <br />~ <br />, <br />" <br />`' ~ <br />// -~ <br />~ <br />GZ <br />- <br />~ <br />.. y0 . <br />month ............... <br />...... ~iiP~, ~.2 <br />C~1/r <br />"c,([ivy~- <br />~- <br />_ <br />// <br />V <br />.... <br />. <br />.`~b:C'190\ 1~. For Fteam engines, ! <br />•xrt Ivorking ovrr Ten horse <br />vwer I / <br />C~~~ <br />~ <br />4`~ir-• <br />~~ <br />~ <br />~~ <br />~ <br />p <br />1 per dx}', for each horse power ao <br />used, Per month .....- ........ ;0. , <br />~., <br />~. , <br />Z-~" ~ <br />" <br />,~ ~ _ <br />r <br />~ <br />For all working over ten horse pow- ' ~~,_ (,.tc ~~Z ~vy~ ~ ~ - - jw~-O-~'L~ ~J"~ <br />. <br />er per day, for rash horse power, per _ <br />~ ~ - <br />Su <br />rro!: ] J. Pm' building or plas• r <br />~ <br />tel'1^ , IOI' FlaCkiog each Darrel u[ <br />lime .. <br />.................... . <br />15 / // /q~ 0 <br />i~_C-,~~~rd <br />`O~Z <br />` ~ <br />` <br />y <br />... <br />. .. <br />' <br />Fo <br />brick M <br />t <br />d b ~ <br />- <br />7 -~~ ~ <br />~~~~, pLC <br />1-~(/ <br />~- <br />y <br />r wa <br />er ttNe <br />yers to <br />1 makes wortar and dampen tbn brick <br />fm' each I(l0a 'brick....._.......... li,I ~ <br />,/ <br />!/.f~~~ - <br />Section 30. ror parber sbvns ~ <br />where one chair iF nsetl, per mantlt 1 On! f n~ ~ ~ i, <br />-~ <br />~~>~ /~f~a ~~~ ~ <br />"" <br />/ <br />~~ <br />:11•or each additiuntll chair per lnvnth 4D ~ <br />f?rm:,ox21. For fonntxine not <br />~' <br />~ ~G- <br />- ~' <br />--CCJJ •, YY~ <br />/ <br />%% ~ <br />/,j Ln~ ~ <br />' <br />~ <br />~ <br />used more than cis hums per day l~ <br />L j <br />i , <br />..;tor I-16 inch jet, per month .... , ...l -00 <br />1 <br />,^-For I-F inch jet, per month...... ..4 00 <br />For 1-4 inch jet, per month .... ..lU 00 <br />~ SLCTIGN 2'. For irrigation, for - <br />tlee.of hose for eprinkliog flutvere <br />~ <br />eiid grass platPC of noYmore than 60 { P'-- <br />ghare9til(~e;`Uer Inonth......_.... 40 <br />h <br />a ~a1: <br />~~ tN:. <br />Bre <br />c <br />equate ttlld exgeedrng 50 <br />jot mot}th, __- i.4~r f _ ~> <br />~ __._ ~ <br />I` ~' <br />