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,;:~ - <br />i ~~r,..:. ,y <br />-~ f t <br />T~O~DINANCE ~~ IOB, ~ { ,t _ <br />~n Ordinance Appointing ~ ~,. c s `~ <br />~. <br />• t a Corporation Attorney, A t s `" s <br />and Prescribing his Du- ~~ s~l( { r t -. ~ ~-. <br />[+ ties and Compensation. <br />`•~l- <br />~~ <br />~, w <br /> <br />t - <br />~~fi1; BOARD Or TRUSTI:I;S OF TA1; <br />Totvn of Los Gatos do a:dain as fol- <br />lows <br />i . SscTrox 1. R. F. Robertson fe hereby <br />~ jtppointed City Attorney fn and for the <br />' `own of Los Gatos. <br />~cc.'L. fie shall be the legal adviser <br />1 of avid Towu and all of its Officers; shall <br />`'prosecute nil criminal actions or prxeed- <br />ffags in the Recorder's Court of said Town, <br />ltrhereof said Court has jurisdiction, in- <br />cluding nll'actione .for the violation of <br />am ordinance of said Town :shall repre- <br />aont said Town fn all litigation in which <br />laid Town way be n party or way be in- <br />lereated mrd shall perform such other <br />duties as way be roquired by him by the <br />poarii of Trustees i;}rereof. <br />$sc•.,3. He shall receive as compensa- <br />liou nfee of fifteen dollars for every mis- <br />leueauor prosecuted iu said Recozder'e <br />Oourt, to be paid eui of the f,nes col- <br />ected in said Court. in such cases, and <br />sot otherwise, and for his services in all '. <br />biter matters, such cowpenantion ns ~' <br />say he a11on•ed by said Board of Tru9- 'I <br />des, <br />Sec. 4. All m•diuances or parts of or- <br />linnnces in conflict heren•ith are hereby <br />•epealed. <br />Esc. 6. This ordinance shall be in <br />o•ce front nud after its passage, approval <br />ad pnhlication. <br />Passed this 3rd day of (7etober, 1698, <br />"the fi;lioo•ing vote <br />Ls- B. lI. Greron•, i;. P,, Lewis. <br />3J. Davis, <br />1yor~s-Bone. <br />dssrs•r-L'. F. lj'illiams, T. N. Davis. <br />T. s. nacre, <br />President of Board of Trustees. <br />G. F. \Fat:t:ica, Clerk. <br />i <br />t f _~ <br />~~~~ , <br />;:,,~, ~; '' art, , . s4; ;a <br />~~ <br />fi Y ~!,/Ft-22.2~1`s i~C~-?~Lli C i ~~~/(- . ~' /!(-~- . G/%yL •~~~J~~ <br />~~ -; f / .. <br />~l~L(iG2Wiz? GL~ l-l ~/l~~G<--~L22 ~?iC~~ %~1~. ~ G ~~ ~G_d,-. i~ ~ . _ <br />!~/L~-C~e~. , Z(///~~jYG~ izyO-~/1 E~'~ j (~~`~i//!~/ D~L2~LL-- G~~!~ - <br />Vii[-G2~2 , CC~v~~G _~L~ ~///>~~- G~~GC.~L may.'- ~c-~:.:` <br />w <br />~i `~ ' ~ <br />/ `'`~i~~~%2~ <br />ORDINANCE N0, ~0~, <br />An Ordinance Changing <br />the Name of Orange Av- <br />enue to Pennsylvania <br />Avenue; and Changing <br />the Name of Pennsyl- <br />vania Avenue where the <br />Same Deflects South at <br />the Junction of Peralta <br />Avenue to Fairview Av- <br />enue. <br />TII>; BOARD OF TRUSTL`CS OF Ti31; <br />Town of Los Gatos do hereb}- ordain <br />ae follows: <br />Sacsro~ 1. A_ll that portion of (irungc <br />Avenue in said town of Los Gatos west <br />of the intersection of Peralta Avenue and <br />Pennsylvania Avenuo is herehy changed <br />to Pennsylvania Avenue. <br />Sfic. 2. All that portion of 1'ennspl- <br />vania Avenue in said Town of Los Gatos <br />south of the intersection of Peralta Ave- <br />nue and Orange Avenue is lierebv <br />changed to Fairview Avonue. <br />S>:c, 3, All ordinances and parts of <br />ordinances in conflict herewith are here- <br />hy repealed, <br />S>:c.4. This Ordinance slrnll take <br />etfact and be iu force from and after its <br />passage, approval and publication. <br />Paased this 19th day of February, 1900. <br />Ayes-B. F. Williarne, G. R. Loomis, <br />.Jaa. II. Lyndon, T• J. Davis <br />Noes-None. <br />Absent-1;. N. Davis. <br />Approved this 19th day of February, <br />i 1900. <br />~ ;~, <br />~~~~ ~ a/ <br />~~ C~~ ~~ <br />• 't. J. Davis, <br />~ ~.'res%dent Board o~ ~rnetees. <br />~;ttest r ~' ~ ' <br />x. <br />- -~ ~ _ ._. <br />- <br />f=..... - ~_ w <br />