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1 Roundabout @ Wood Road A Lot Little Little Short <br />2 Hwy 9 Corridor Study Little A Lot A Lot Short <br />3 Downtown One Way Streets Some Little Little Long <br />4 Hwy 9 Ramps to Hwy 17 Little A Lot A Lot Long <br />5 Hwy 17 Widening A Lot A Lot A Lot Very Long <br />6 Freeway Changeable Message Some Little Little Short <br />7 Reclassify Town Streets Some Little Some Short <br />8 Ramp Metering A Lot Some Little Some <br />9 Intersection Marking Little Little A Lot Short <br />10 Work with Mapping Co.A Lot Little Little Short <br />11 Weekend Events Little Little Little Short <br />12 Traffic Signal Upgrade Some A Lot Some Short <br />13 School Busing None A Lot A Lot Short <br />14 Auto Trip Reduction Initiative Some A Lot A Lot Short <br />** Timeframe: Short 1-3 years; Some 3-7 years; Long 7-15 years; Very Long > 15 years <br />Impact On*Impact On*Impact On* <br />Project Assessment Matrix <br />Topic Timeframe**Priority <br />* The impact rating for each project is the estimation of staff. A blank column is left for notes or personal tracking. <br />Cut Through Traffic Congestion Safety