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From: rosa grossman [mailto:rosa ] <br />Sent: Monday, August 06, 2018 5:26 PM <br />To: Council <br />Subject: Community garden <br />J GRACIAS <br />OBRIGADO <br />GRA <br />Dear Mayor and Members of Council: <br />IGA O TACK <br />THANK YOU DA MERCI <br />GRACIAS OBRIGADO <br />We are supporting the idea for Phase 2 of North 4 project <br />to have a Community garden for residents of Los Gatos at large, because Los Gatos <br />does not have a Community garden, and a number of residents, like us, resign in <br />apartments and don't have the possibility to grow their own vegetables. <br />Sincerely, G. and R. Grossman, Los Gatos residents. <br />ATTACHMENT 41