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August 5, 2018 <br />Town of Los Gatos <br />110 E. Main Street <br />Los Gatos, CA 95030 <br />County of Santa Clara <br />TOWN OfJOS GATOS ,.,lfRK Dt.PARTMENTRECEIVED <br />Agriculture and Environmental Management -Weed Abatement Program <br />1553 Berger Drive, Bldg. 1 <br />San Jose, CA 95112 <br />To whom it may concern: <br />I have received notices from Santa Clara County and the Town of Los Gatos (the first <br />referencing an inspection on 6/1/2017) indicating my parcel was added to a Weed Abatement <br />Program. <br />The notices indicate fees and assessments that, "may," be assessed, but none indicating if <br />subsequent inspections have been completed, the results of those inspections, or any amounts <br />that I owe. <br />I have spent well over $25,000 to clear my parcel of weeds and non-native vegetation, since <br />6/1/2017. Mature native vegetation remains on my parcel. <br />Therefore, I am filing this written protest to understand what has transpired since 6/1/2017 and <br />what amounts I am being assessed. <br />Thank you. <br />'('2J . 4---\ �u I.)� <br />Brian J Doerger <br />107 Drysdale Drive <br />Los Gatos, CA 95032 <br />Parcel# 527-04-009