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<br /> <br />PREPARED BY : YING SMITH <br /> Transportation a nd Mobility Manager <br /> <br />Reviewed by: Town Manager, Assistant Town Manager, Town Attorney, and Parks and Public Works <br />Director <br /> <br /> <br />110 E. Main Street Los Gatos, CA 95030 ●A 40 8 -354 -68 32 <br /> <br />TOWN OF LOS GATOS <br />COUNCIL AGENDA REPORT <br />MEETING DATE: 06/19/2018 <br />ITEM NO: 4 <br /> <br />D ATE : JUNE 1, 2018 <br />TO : MAYOR AND TOWN COUNCIL <br />FROM: LAUREL PREVETTI, TOWN MANAGER <br />SUBJECT: PROJECT NUMBER 813 -0231 BICYCLE AND PEDESTRIAN IMPROVEMENTS <br />AUTHORIZE THE TOWN MANAGER TO PURSUE A GRANT FROM THE <br />A MERICAN ASSOCIATION OF RETIRED PERSONS (AARP) COMMUNITY <br />CHALLENGE 2018 PROGRAM FOR SPEED TABLE S/RAISED CROSSWALK S ON <br />EAST MAIN STREET CONSISTENT WITH THE BICYCLE AND PEDESTRIAN <br />MASTER PLAN AND EXECUTE ALL ASSOCIATED GRANT DOCUMENTS . <br /> <br /> <br />RECOMMENDATION : <br /> <br />Staff recommends that the Town Counci l authorize the Town Manager to pursue a grant from <br />the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) Community Challenge 2018 Program for <br />speed tables/raised crosswalks on East Main Street consistent with the Bicycle and Pedestrian <br />Master Plan and execute all associated grant documents. <br /> <br />BACKGROUND : <br /> <br />On March 21 AARP issued an invitation to communities to submit applications to the <br />Community Challenge 2018 program. AARP is providing small grants to improve housing, <br />transportation, public space , and other community elements that support great places for all <br />people of all ages. <br /> <br />DISCUSSION : <br /> <br />Town staff considered the program criteria, eligible project categories, potential grant amount , <br />and the project delivery timeframe, and is recommending subm itting the Main Street Speed <br />Table/Raised Crosswalk project. The project was first recommended in the Los Gatos Traffic <br />Study Around Schools (October 2016) and it is also included in the Bicycle Pedestrian Master <br />