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ATTACHMENT 5 <br />ARCHITECTURE AND SITE CONSIDERATIONS <br /> <br />Section 29.20.150. C onsiderations in review of applications: <br /> <br />The deciding body shall consider all relevant matter including, but not limited to, the following: <br /> <br /> (1) Considerations relating to traffic safety and traffic congestion. The effect of the site <br />development plan on traffic conditions on abutting streets; the layout of the site with <br />respect to locations and dimensions of vehicular and pedestrian entrances, exits, drives, <br />and walkways; the adequacy of off -s treet parking facilities to prevent traffic congestion; <br />the location, arrangement, and dimension of truck loading and unloading facilities; the <br />circulation pattern within the boundaries of the development, and the surfacing, <br />lighting and handicapped access ibility of off -street parking facilities. <br /> <br />a. Any project or development that will add traffic to roadways and critical intersections <br />shall be analyzed, and a determination made on the following matters: <br />1. The ability of critical roadways and major inters ections to accommodate existing <br />traffic; <br />2. Increased traffic estimated for approved developments not yet occupied; and <br />3. Regional traffic growth and traffic anticipated for the proposed project one (1) year <br />after occupancy. <br />b. The deciding body shall rev iew the application for traffic roadway/intersection capacity <br />and make one (1) of the following determinations: <br />1. The project will not impact any roadways and/or intersections causing the <br />roadways and/or intersections to exceed their available capacities. <br />2. The project will impact a roadway(s) and/or intersection(s) causing the roadway(s) <br />and/or intersection(s) to exceed their available capacities. <br /> <br />Any project receiving Town determination subsection (1)b.1. may proceed. Any project <br />receiving Town determination subsection (1)b.2. must be modified or denied if the <br />deciding body determines that the impact is unacceptable. In determining the <br />acceptability of a traffic impact, the deciding body shall consider if the project's benefits <br />to the community o verride the traffic impacts as determined by specific sections from <br />the general plan and any applicable specific plan. <br /> <br />(2) Considerations relating to outdoor advertising. The number, location, color, size, height, <br />lighting and landscaping of outdoor adver tising signs and structures in relation to the <br />creation of traffic hazards and the appearance and harmony with adjacent <br />development. Specialized lighting and sign systems may be used to distinguish special <br />areas or neighborhoods such as the downtown area and Los Gatos Boulevard. <br />(3) Considerations relating to landscaping. The location, height, and materials of walls, <br />fences, hedges and screen plantings to insure harmony w ith adjacent development or to <br />conceal storage areas, utility installations, parking lots or unsightly development; the <br />planting of ground cover or other surfacing to prevent dust and erosion; and the