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ATTACHMENT 3 <br />RESIDENTIAL DESIGN GUIDELINES <br />OBJECTIVE STANDARDS <br /> <br />CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION <br /> <br />1.1 APPLICABILITY <br /> <br />These design guidelines will be used by the Town staff, DRC, Planning Commission, Historic <br />Preservation Committee, and Town Council in evaluating changes to existing structures and for <br />new construction. They are applicable to all residential development wi thin the Town that <br />requires a discretionary approval or a building permit except for: <br />[…] <br /> <br />b. Parcels containing more than 30,000 square feet which shall be subject to the gross <br />floor area requirements of the Hillside Development Standards and Guidelines. <br />c. Pa rcels with an average slope of 10% or greater outside of the Town of Los Gatos <br />Hillside Area which shall be governed by these guidelines and the following sections of <br />the Hillside Development Standards and Guidelines*: <br /> Constraints Analysis and Site Select ion excluding the standards for the visibility from <br />off site and ridge line view protection. <br /> Site Planning for: <br />o Gradin g <br />o Drainage <br />o Driveways and Parking <br />o Geologic Safety <br /> Site Elements for Retaining Walls <br />* The use of the Hillside Development Standards and Guidelines (HDS&G’s) is intended to <br />implement the Town of Los Gatos’ vision statement for its hillside and to ensure that all <br />development is in compliance with the goals, policies, and implementing strategies of the <br />General Plan. In reviewing an applic ation using both the Residential Design Guidelines and the <br />HDS&G’s, the standards and guidelines of the HDS&G shall both be discretionary. The deciding <br />body will need to take into account the character of the surrounding neighborhood and <br />environment when i mplementing a strategy or guideline. <br /> <br />MAXIMUM FLOOR AREA RATIO (FAR) <br />Maximum house and garage sizes are established by the Floor Area Ratio (FAR) standard set <br />forth in the Town of Los Gatos Zoning Ordinance . <br />Floor Area Ratio is defined as the total area o f the structure divided by the area of the site <br />(e.g., a 1,500 square foot house on a 5,000 square foot lot would have a FAR of 0.30). <br /> <br />The maximum allowable floor areas are established by the formulas below which will be used in <br />conjunction with the desi gn guidelines to determine allowable building sizes. <br />* A is the net lot area in thousands of sq. ft. (e.g., 7,500 sq. ft. is 7.5) <br />* Basements are included in the allowable FAR; Cellars are not (See Glossary)