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<br />Mintier Harnish – Los Gatos General Plan Update Scope of Work | 1 <br />Scope of Work <br />The following section provides our work program for the preparation of the Town of Los Gatos General Plan <br />Update.AAThisAprogramAisAdesignedAtoArespondAtoAtheAscopeAitemsAincludedAinAtheATown’sARequestAofAProposalA <br />(RFP) and provides for the formulation of a thoughtful and user -friendly General Plan and comprehensive <br />program -level Environmental Impact Report (EIR) that can be used to streamline subsequent project -level <br />proposals. The work program includes appropriate technical studies and community engagemen t <br />opportunities that explore issues, opportunities, and solutions to guide the community to the year 2040. <br />InAthisAworkAprogram;AtheAtermA“Consultants”ArefersAtoAmembersAofAtheAConsultantATeamAassembledAforAtheA <br />project. <br />Details on community engagement activities are described under Task H, with placeholders shown under <br />each task to show their relationship to the overall work program. <br /> <br />During this task, the Consultants will work with Town staff to lay the foundation for the General Pl an Update, <br />including developing tools to be used throughout the Update, meeting with the General Plan Advisory <br />Committee (GPAC), the Planning Commission, and Town Council, and initiating the community engagement <br />program. <br />Task A.1 Project Scoping Meeting, Kick -off Meeting, and Town Tour <br />The Consultants will meet with Town staff to discuss expectations for the schedule, process, and work <br />products and to refine the scope of work to address Town comments. <br />Following execution of the contract, the Consultants and Town staff will hold a project kick -off meeting. This <br />meeting will confirm roles and responsibilities, establish communication protocols, refine and detail the <br />project schedule based on actual start date, and discuss the initial ideas and strategies for communi ty <br />engagement (which will be refined and documented under Task H.1). Immediately following the kick off, the <br />Consultants will tour the community with Town staff to examine key issues and opportunities that will be <br />addressed in the General Plan Update. <br />Task A.2 Asse mble GIS Data and Prepare Base Maps <br />The Consultants will work with Town staff to confirm the Planning Area and gather and format information <br />for a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) database covering the Planning Area. The Consultants will <br />prepare base m aps suitable for reports and display presentation, including establishing a uniform legend and <br />title block. <br />During the project kick -off meeting (Task A.1), the Consultants will work with Town staff to identify and <br />obtain existing GIS resources from the Tow n and other identified agencies with GIS data covering the <br />Planning Area. We will develop new GIS data and maps consistent with Town protocols and data formats to <br />ensureAeasyAintegrationAintoAtheATown’sAinformationAsystem.A tAtheAendAofAtheAproject;AtheACo nsultants will <br />provide the Town the native files of all original data as well as project -specific GIS layers modified or created <br />by the Consultants for the General Plan Update. <br /> EXHIBIT A -1