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A ORDINANCE FIXING THE- SAL`ES' OF <br />CERTAI < OFFICERS OF THE TOWN OF LOS GA TO S <br />****000**** <br />The Board of Trustees of the Town of Les Gates do o-rdaiin <br />as fol-Lows:. <br />Secti or, Io The salary of the 11111' and ex officio <br />Max Collector of the Town of Thos Gatos shall be the sum of One <br />Hundred Dollars (x;100) per month. <br />Section II. The salter of the Street Superintendent <br />of the Town of Los Gates shall be the sum of One Kindred Dollars <br />(9100) per month. <br />Section III. The salary of the Health Nurse of the <br />Town of Taos Gatos shall be the sum of Fifty Db liars ($50) per <br />month - <br />Sect' on IVV. The salaxy of the Recorder of the Town of <br />Los Gatos f~ja.ll be,,Ten Dollars (4,10) per month. <br />Section V. Th_e Town Engineer of the To'an of Los Gatos <br />shall receive as compensation for all services rendered, by him the <br />sum of Seven and. 50/,.100 Dollars ($7.50) for each day actually spent <br />by him upon the Town's business as such Surveyor. <br />Section Vi. This Ordinance shall be published once in <br />the Los Gatos hai -1 <br />PASSED A!D ADOPTED at a reg la,.r meeting of the Board of <br />Trustees of +I-Le Town of Los Gates held this l6th day of May, 1921, <br />by -aie following vot~a:: <br />AYES, Trustees: <br />J,~'A <br />C. Z1(j <br />