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oxT3XN:~ra~ . rt4. ~1~~ <br />}Na q.9v9:w .M Ug,.!,~ <br />:~z~. c~.nzrr~rrc~ ~g ,,,arm _ s~a~xorr sTx A~ sna~~arr ~rvr~zT~r~r a~ o~tuT~r~c <br />NUAJ1t3,IlR .T'OT7R`i':L+',L+~7.+T,; e~1~T.OTtiDT1VArTCTi; P7~OVIDING 7~'OR TFl'I+; .A.SSFSSA~NT~` i,L~TY <br />;„ CO:LL~CT~~N: Ol' !AXES OT*~ 'TH.~ ?'O~~N a~' :LOS GA`~QSm . <br />TT-ID .~O,AftD ~~~+' '~I~US~ALS OI+' THE TO'1~iT 0~' X05 Cr.A~C?S '$Q` Ordain <br />as fo;i3.ows to .. _ ,~ >: .. <br />-- <br />_, _. -- <br />Section ~m ~eC'~iCn 5i~ Qf the Qrd~.inance the tit],e of <br />which ie •reCited in the tit:l,e hpreofp is hereby amerxl.eci so- as <br />to read as.<~ola:ows; <br />,.. .: <br />Sect~:on 6a the Board Of ~ru~teo~ iaust, an the fiz st Monday <br />of October::, of each y'e~;r; :fix the- rate Cf town ta~ees, designating <br />tshe n~T?er of: cents ,ori. each one ,:hundred da]lars of prop:erty <br />... .. _ _, <br />levied for each fund, and intis~ then levy the town ta.xe~s upon •t he <br />~ab).e px°op©rt;y ire t:tae toVJn; pp'ovided, that the 1evJ fir, a1,7. <br />purpoees, eatc~.t~p:ve pf the iFVy for 'library and bond xedeanptic~~u <br />• funds, fir a.ny one ,;year shall-. not e~oeed one hundred aei1ts <br />'i (~~;00) on: eae~.: •one hundred dollars of the assessed ~Ja,lue of <br />a~.~. real :and personal prCporty withi~~ the town4 <br />Seetioxi '2. Seatian ~'wenty of •Ghe Ordinance the title. <br />off' which. is recited in t7a.e t it7e hereef, is hereby amended so as <br />Seetiori 20. Q~; the certffic~it°e "~~vith th,e 'COUri,ty <br />l~acardar, the'~;;~8~ d~ the':.:"down •vPSts ~n the purchaser, and is <br />,; .~ <br />only divested by the .payment to .him, or to the T°own '~reasurQr <br />,., <br />far hie use, of the pur~'ahas® money and fifty pe:r cent thereto, <br />radempt3.on of the property sold znay be ;de •by the owner, or <br />any'ested,: within five y'ear's fr:o~r. the date pfi` ,pur- <br />chase. must 'ce made in ~o1d or silvo2 join; and when <br />