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ORDINANCE NO. I I49 <br />ORDIMNCE OF THE TOWN OF LOS GAT OS <br />AMENDING PROVISIONS OF T}TE ZONING <br />ORDTNANCE CONCERNING PARKING. <br />THE TOWN COUNCIL OF THE TOWN OF LOS GATOS DOES ORNAIN AS FOLLOWS: <br />SECT]ON 1. <br />Sections 21.3, 21.4 and 21.17 of the Zoning Ondinance of the Tortrn of <br />Los Gatos are repeafetl. <br />SECTION 2. <br />Section 2I.f5 of the Zoning Ordj.nance of the T ordn of Los Gatos is <br />amended to nead: <br />SEC. 2f .I5: PARKI NG RE0UI REI,IENTS FoR DOWNTOWN CORE AREA. <br />lhe rninimum numbe n of off-strEet parking spaces nequired for <br />uses on pnopenties in the rlownto{rn core area shaff be one (I) <br />panking space for each three hundre rI twenty -five (325) square feet <br />of gross floo:: area if the use is housed in a bUilding or structure, <br />or one (I) parking space for. each thrEe hr:nrlre cl twenty-five (325) <br />squane feet of gross space occupied by a use establisherl in an <br />unenclosed a:rea, subject to the following exception. Whe zre a <br />building or structurE existed on January 1, 1974, the minimum numbe r <br />of aclditional off -str:ee t panking spaces tequired because of post <br />January L, L974 increases in the floor arEa of such building or <br />strlucturE shall be one (I) parking space fon each thr€e hundred <br />twenty-five (325) square feet of the gross floor area of the <br />incre ase . <br />-t-