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2 <br />Town Council/Parking Authority May 17, 2016 <br /> <br /> <br />Council Matters – continued <br /> <br />- Council Member Rob Rennie stated he and Vice Mayor Marico Sayoc attended the <br />swearing in ceremony for a new Police Officer, the Silicon Valley Community <br />Energy Agency meeting where he was elected Vice Chair, the Cities Association <br />General Membership meeting, the VTA Policy Advisory Committee meeting, the <br />LAFCO Commissioner training, and the Silicon Valley at Home Policy breakfast <br />meeting. <br />- Mayor Barbara Spector stated she and Council Member Steve Leonardis attended <br />the Student Commissioner interviews, and the West Valley Mayors/Managers’ <br />meeting. <br />- Vice Mayor Marico Sayoc had nothing additional to report. <br />- Council Member Steve Leonardis stated he attended and chaired the West Valley <br />Solid Waste Management Authority meeting in addition to the Student <br />Commissioner interviews. <br /> <br />Manager Matters <br />- Introduced the new Library Director, Dolly Goyal. <br />- Reminded the Council and public that it was National Public Works Week and <br />invited the public to attend the open house on Wednesday morning, May 18 and <br />invited the Council to join staff at the barbecue lunch after the open house. <br /> <br />CONSENT ITEMS (TO BE ACTED UPON BY A SINGLE MOTION) <br />1. Approve Council Minutes of May 3, 2016. <br />2. Adopt an Ordinance of the Town Council of the Town of Los Gatos amending <br />Section 18.60.10 to include restrictions on smoking in commercial zoned areas <br />and in multi-unit residences and other miscellaneous edits. ORDINANCE 2254 <br />3. Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) Transportation Development Act <br />Article 3 Funds <br />a. Adopt a resolution authorizing the Town Manager to file an application for <br />2016/17 Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) Transportation <br />Development Act Article 3 Funds in the amount of $79,848 to fund a <br />portion of the Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan. RESOLUTION 2016- <br />027 <br />b. Upon Approval of TDA Funding, Authorize a budget adjustment of $7,348 <br />(new total project funding of $127,348) replacing traffic mitigation fees <br />funding source of $72,500 with new TDA funding source of $79,848. <br /> <br />MOTION: Motion by Vice Mayor Marico Sayoc to approve the Consent <br />Items. Seconded by Mayor Barbara Spector. <br /> <br />VOTE: Motion passed unanimously. <br /> <br /> <br />