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PAGE 2 <br />MAYOR AND TOWN COUNCIL <br />SUBJECT: PPW JOB NO. 13-31 — ALMOND GROVE STREET REHABILITATION PROJECT <br />411-811-0003 <br />FEBRUARY 16, 2016 <br />subcontractors used, methods of doing the work and breakout of the overall cost between bid items. <br />This is the contractor's discretion and not subject to negotiation. <br />Regarding the last line item "2 inch PVC Conduit," this line item was not in the previous schedule <br />of quantities. For ten streets this adds $0.9 million. What is the purpose of the PVC conduit as <br />part of the paving project? Why was this left out previously? <br />The residents have continually requested conduit for future fiber optic cabling. The Town has <br />repeatedly committed to looking for cost effective ways to include this in the project. Originally this <br />conduit was slated for installation under the sidewalk. With the final design, the sidewalk location no <br />longer worked and the conduit would now be located in the street at the face of gutter. Because this <br />was an item that the residents felt important and the institution of a no -cut rule would preclude future <br />installation of this conduit, it has been included in the scope. <br />I am trying to understand the totality of funding for Almond Grove streets. Agenda items 7 and 8 <br />reference an "available budget" of $3,684,552. The Council, last year, set aside $12M+ for <br />Almond Grove paving. How does that amount relate to the $3.6M+ above? Please list all sources <br />of funding currently available for this project. <br />The budget of $3.6M mentioned in the staff report is the official appropriation for the project that was <br />authorized in the Capital Improvement Program (CIP) for FY 15/16. This is the project budget for the <br />first phase of Almond Grove. Staff identified approximately $12.2 million of available funds last <br />October and Council set those aside in an Almond Grove reserve [Resolution 2015-061, adopted <br />November 3, 2015 (see Attachment 7)j. The funds were set up in a reserve pending determination of <br />pavement materials and estimated total project costs. The detailed information is available as <br />Attachment 1 to this report. The $3.6 million is part of that $12.2 million in total funding available for <br />Almond Grove. The remaining dollars (approximately $8.6 million) is available for other Almond <br />Grove streets and will be appropriated in the FY 2016/17-2020/21 proposed CIP which will be presented <br />to Council in May for its consideration. In addition, the Council identified $2.1 million in FY 2015/16 <br />CIP projects to be placed on hold pending Almond Grove financing and pavement selection. The <br />Council released one of the on hold projects for the Little League Backstop in the amount of <br />25,000. The remaining projects remain on hold pending Council authority to release the projects or <br />allocation to Almond Grove. The table below outlines the existing appropriated project funds, reserve <br />funds to be allocated in the future CIP budget, and the existing CEP projects that are on hold.