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With these assumptions in mind, the table below shows the net present value of life cycle <br />maintenance costs for Broadway and Bachman as well as all ten streets. The amounts presented <br />represent the amount of money the Town would need today to pay for these future maintenance <br />costs. <br />Table 1: Net Present Value of Future Maintenance Costs <br />Net Present Value of Future Maintenance Costs <br />Industry Standard <br />Town <br />Industry Standard <br />Asphalt <br />Asphalt <br />Concrete <br />Program <br />Pro ram <br />Program <br />Broadway /Bachman <br />Pro ram <br />Pro ram <br />Pro ram <br />Future Maintenance Costs <br />in 2016 Dollars <br />$ 1,380,000 <br />$ 1,060,000 <br />$ 360,000 <br />All Ten Streets in Almond <br />Grove <br />$ 7,800,000 <br />$ 5,950,000 <br />$ 2,000,000 <br />Maintenance Costs <br />(in 2016 Dollars) <br />$ 7,800,000 <br />$ 5,950,000 <br />$ 2,000,000 <br />With the life cycle maintenance estimates, staff is able to project the total project cost over the 50 <br />year life cycle, inclusive of the project reconstruction costs and estimated maintenance costs. <br />The Table below reflects the total estimated project costs for asphalt and concrete: <br />Table 2: Estimated Total Project Costs <br />Estimated Total Project Costs <br />Industry <br />Industry Standard <br />Town <br />Standard <br />Asphalt <br />Asphalt <br />Concrete <br />Pro ram <br />Pro ram <br />Pro ram <br />Estimated Reconstruction <br />Cost <br />$ 14,127,805 <br />$ 14,127,805 <br />$ 16,741,707 <br />Estimated Maintenance <br />Cost <br />$ 7,800,000 <br />$ 5,950,000 <br />$ 2,000,000 <br />Total Estimated Life <br />Cycle of the Almond <br />Grove Reconstruction <br />Project <br />$ 21,927,805 <br />$ 20,077,805 <br />$ 18,741,707 <br />It is important to note that the assessment of future maintenance costs over the next 50 years is <br />influenced by many factors which are difficult to predict, including such items as timing of <br />future maintenance and rehabilitation activities, material cost fluctuations, labor costs, and <br />inflation to name a few. These are staff's best estimates based on information available today. <br />Using Town projected street maintenance practices, future maintenance costs for all ten streets <br />are estimated at $3,950,000 less in concrete than in asphalt over 50 years. When combined with <br />construction costs, concrete is projected to be $1,336,098 less over the total 50 year life. <br />ATTACHMENT <br />