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(b) Applicant. A person or organization who seeks a permit to conduct a Special <br />Event governed by this Article. <br />(c) Chief of Police. The Chief of Police or the Chiefs authorized designee. <br />(d) Commercial Special Event. A Special Event, sponsored by either non - profit <br />or for profit organizations, the primary purpose of which is to attract groups of people and <br />generate commerce, income or product exchange. <br />(e) Non Commercial Special Event. A Special Event, the primary purpose of <br />which is exercise of the participants' constitutional rights of free speech or assembly. <br />(f) Permittee. Any applicant to whom a Special Events permit is issued. <br />(g) Special Event. Any event, not to exceed three consecutive days, which is <br />scheduled to take place on or contiguous to a Town street, sidewalk, alley or other right- <br />of -way or on Town property including its parks and the grounds of its buildings, which in <br />the judgment of the Chief of Police is likely either: <br />(1) to obstruct, delay or interfere with the normal flow of pedestrian or <br />vehicular traffic; or <br />(2) to attract participants or spectators who are not likely to comply with <br />traffic laws or controls; or <br />(3) to generate a crowd of sufficient size likely to obstruct, delay or <br />interfere with the normal flow of pedestrian or vehicular traffic, or to <br />restrict access to parks, recreation areas or other public areas; or <br />(4) to require police regulation, monitoring, or control to maintain public <br />safety. <br />2 <br />