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RESOLUTION 2014 -074 <br />RESOLUTION OF THE LOS GATOS TOWN COUNCIL FIXING THE EMPLOYER'S <br />CONTRIBUTION UNDER THE PUBLIC EMPLOYEES' MEDICAL AND HOSPITAL <br />CARE ACT WITH RESPECT TO EMPLOYEES, ANNUITANTS AND ELECTED <br />OFFICIALS AND FIXING THE EMPLOYER'S CONTRIBUTION AT AN AMOUNT <br />PRESCRIBED BY SECTION 22892 OF THE GOVERNMENT CODE <br />WHEREAS, (1) Government Code Section 22892(a) provides that a local agency <br />contracting under the Public Employees' Medical and Hospital Care Act shall fix <br />the amount of the employer's contribution at an amount not less than the amount <br />required under Section 22892(b)(1) of the Act, and <br />WHEREAS, (2) The Town of Los Gatos, hereinafter referred to as Public Agency is a local <br />agency contracting under the Act for participation by members of all bargaining <br />units and elected officials; <br />NOW, THEREFORE BE IT <br />RESOLVED, (1) That effective January 1, 2015, the employer's contribution for each <br />employee, retired annuitant, and elected official shall be the amount necessary to <br />pay the full cost of his /her enrollment, including the enrollment of his/her family <br />members in a health benefits plan up to the maximum of the Kaiser /Kaiser <br />Supplemental premium (1, 2, and 3 party) rates, plus administrative fees and <br />Contingency Reserve Fund Assessments; and <br />RESOLVED, (2) That the executive body appoint and direct, and does hereby appoint and <br />direct, the Town Manager to file with the Board of Administration of the Public <br />Employees' Retirement System a verified copy of this Resolution, and to perform <br />on behalf of the said Public Agency all functions required of it under the Act and <br />Regulations of the Board of Administration; and <br />RESOLVED, (3) That the Town Council has fully complied with any and all applicable <br />provisions of Government Code Section 7507 in electing the benefits set forth above. <br />