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RESOLUTION 2014 -025 <br />RESOLUTION OF THE TOWN COUNCIL <br />OF THE TOWN OF LOS GATOS ESTABLISHING THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS <br />FOR APPPOINTMENT TO AND CONDUCT OF THE LIBRARY BOARD <br />WHEREAS, On April 15, 2014, the Library Board approved through unanimous vote, a <br />resolution establishing the terms and conditions for the appointment to and conduct of the Library <br />Board. <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED THAT, (a) The Library Board shall consist of <br />seven (7) members - five (5) adult members and two (2) youth members. Adult members terms of <br />office shall be three (3) years and until their successors are appointed by the Town Council. Youth <br />members terms shall be one (1) year and until their successors are appointed by Town Council. <br />Two (2) members of the Board shall, at the time of his/her appointment, have completed the ninth <br />(9a') grade, reside in the Town of Los Gatos, and attend any accredited high school; or have <br />completed ninth (9h) grade, have a Los Gatos mailing address, and attend an accredited high school <br />in the Town of Los Gatos. The student member's term of office is one (1) year and until his/her <br />successor is appointed. <br />The terns of office of the adult members shall be staggered and over lapped in such a manner that <br />the terms of no more than one -third of the members expire each year. <br />The Town Council shall fill any member vacancies occurring during the term of the Board. The <br />Board shall, annually, at the January meeting, designate a Chairperson and Vice - Chairperson. <br />The adult members of the Library Board shall be residents of the incorporated area of the Town of <br />Los Gatos. Meeting attendance requirements for all Board members will conform with current <br />Town Resolutions. <br />(b) Four members of the Board shall constitute a quorum of the Board for the purpose of <br />transacting business. Any member shall have the right to present a minority view to Council in <br />reference to any report or recommendation the Board may take. <br />(c) The members of the Board shall serve without compensation, provided that with advance <br />budgetary approval of the Town Council, the actual and necessary expenses (if any) incurred by the <br />members in the conduct of Town business shall be reimbursable pursuant to the provisions of the <br />current Administrative Policy. <br />(d) The Library Board shall establish a regular time and location for its meetings and shall conduct <br />its meetings in compliance with the provisions of the Ralph M. Brown Act (Government Code <br />Sections 54950.) <br />Special meetings may be called at any time by three Board members by written notice served upon <br />each member, and shall be posted at least twenty -four hours before the time specified for the <br />proposed meeting. <br />