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RESOLUTION 2014 -011 <br />RESOLUTION OF THE TOWN COUNCIL <br />OF THE TOWN OF LOS GATOS <br />MAKING DETERMINATIONS AND APPROVING THE <br />REORGANIZATION OF TERRITORY DESIGNATED <br />SHADY VIEW LANE NO. 1 <br />APPROXIMATELY .41 ACRES <br />LOCATED AT 16505 SHADY VIEW LANE <br />APN: 532 -03 -016 <br />ANNEXATION APPLICATION: AN -14 -001 <br />PROPERTY OWNER: ROBERT AND JENNIFER FRIESS <br />WHEREAS, a petition for the annexation of certain territory to the Town of Los Gatos <br />and detachment of said territory from Santa Clara County Library Service Area, consisting of .41 <br />acres located at 16505 Shady View Lane (APN 532 -03 -016), has been filed by Robert and <br />Jennifer Friess; and <br />WHEREAS, said territory is uninhabited and all owners of land included in the proposal <br />consent to this annexation; and <br />WHEREAS, Section 56757 of the California Government Code states that the Local <br />Agency Formation Commission shall not review an annexation proposal to any city in Santa <br />Clara County of unincorporated territory which is within the urban service area of the city if <br />initiated by resolution of the legislative body and therefore the Town Council of the Town of Los <br />Gatos is now the conducting authority of said annexation; and <br />WHEREAS, Government Code Section 56663 (a) provides that if a petition for <br />annexation is signed by all owners of land within the affected territory, the Town Council may <br />approve or disapprove the annexation without public hearing; and <br />WHEREAS, evidence was presented to the Town Council; <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Town Council of the Town of Los <br />Gatos as follows: <br />1. That it is the conducting authority pursuant to Section 56757 of the Government Code for the <br />annexation of property designated as Shady View Lane No. 1, more particularly described in <br />Exhibit A and B; <br />