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WHEREAS, Council finds as follows: <br />A. The project is Categorically Exempt pursuant to Sections 15303 of the State <br />Environmental Guidelines as adopted by the Town in that the project consists of the <br />demolition and construction of a single - family residence; <br />B. As required by Section 29.10.09030(e) of the Town Code for the demolition of a <br />single- family residence: <br />1. The Town's housing stock will be maintained as the single - family residence will <br />be replaced. <br />2. The existing structures have no architectural or historical significance, and are in <br />poor condition. <br />3. The property owner does not desire to maintain the structures as they exist; and <br />4. The economic utility of the structures was considered; it is not viable to maintain <br />the existing structures without resulting in a technical demolition. <br />C. The project is in compliance with the Residential Design Guidelines for single - family <br />homes not in hillside residential areas; and <br />D. As required by Section 29.20.150 of the Town Code, the considerations in review of <br />an Architecture and Site application were all made in reviewing this project. <br />NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED: <br />The appeal of the decision of the Planning Commission approving a request to <br />demolish a pre -1941 single - family residence and construct a new single - family residence on <br />property zoned R -1:8 is denied. <br />2. The Conditions of Approval attached hereto as Exhibit A are hereby adopted as <br />the Conditions of Approval for this pennit. <br />