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ARTICLE III: ACCEPTANCE BY TOWN <br />The said TOWN hereby promises and agrees with the said CONTRACTOR to employ, <br />and does hereby employ the said CONTRACTOR to provide the materials and to do the work <br />according to the terms and conditions herein contained and referred to, for the prices aforesaid, <br />and hereby contracts to pay the same at the time, in the manner and upon the conditions above <br />set forth; and the said parties for themselves their heirs, executors, administrators, successors and <br />assigns, do hereby agree to the full performance of the covenants herein contained. <br />ARTICLE IV: COMPLETION OF AGREEMENT <br />Reference is made to Section B.3 of the TOWN's Bid Form and which are hereby made a <br />part of this contract. Inasmuch as the work called for under this contract concerns a needed <br />public improvement, the time of performance and completion of this work is of the essence of <br />this contract. It is expressly understood and agreed by the parties hereto that all the work called <br />for under this contract, in all its parts and requirements, shall be completed before December 30, <br />2012. <br />ARTICLE V: HOURS OF LABOR <br />The CONTRACTOR shall forfeit, as a penalty, to the TOWN, Twenty -Five Dollars ($25) <br />for each workman employed in the execution of the contract by him or by any subcontractor for <br />each calendar day during which any workman is required or permitted to labor more than eight <br />(8) hours in violation of the provisions of Sections 1810 -1815 inclusive of the Labor Code and <br />all amendments thereto. <br />ARTICLE VI: APPRENTICES <br />Attention is directed to the provisions in Sections 1777.5, 1777.6 and 1777.7 of the Labor <br />Code governing the employment of apprentices by the CONTRACTOR or any subcontractor <br />under him. CONTRACTOR and any of his subcontractors shall comply with the requirements <br />of said sections of the Labor Code; CONTRACTOR shall have full responsibility for compliance <br />with the said sections regardless of any other contractual or employment relationships alleged to <br />exist. <br />Information relative to apprenticeship standards aid other requirements maybe obtained <br />from the Director of Industrial Relations ex officio the Administrator of Apprenticeship, San <br />Francisco, California or from the Division of Apprenticeship Standards at its branch offices. <br />ARTICLE VII: NONDISCRIMINATION <br />The CONTRACTOR sub recipient or subcontractor shall not discriminate on the basis of <br />race, color, national origin or sex in the performance of this contract. CONTRACTOR shall <br />N:\PPWPJ\CIP \12 -01 Pageant Grounds Phase 3 Improvements \Agreements \Construction Agreement- CBeoncrete.docx <br />