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RESOLUTION 2012 -025 <br />RESOLUTION OF THE TOWN COUNCIL <br />OF THE TOWN OF LOS GATOS <br />OF ITS INTENTION TO LEVY AND COLLECT ASSESSMENTS <br />FOR FISCAL YEAR 2012/13 IN <br />LANDSCAPING AND LIGHTING ASSESSMENT DISTRICT NO. I- <br />KENNEDY MEADOWS BENEFIT ZONE, <br />AND TO SET PUBLIC MEETING AND PUBLIC HEARING <br />TO CONSIDER THE PROPOSED ASSESSMENTS <br />WHEREAS, Landscaping and Lighting Assessment District No. 1 -- Kennedy Meadows <br />Benefit Zone is generally located in Tract No. 8612, as generally shown in Part D hereto, and <br />generally consists of the following improvements: <br />The maintenance of trees, landscaping, irrigation systems, trail and <br />street lights within open space areas (Parcels A and B) and along <br />Kennedy Court and Forrester Court, as shown on the approved <br />improvement for Tract No. 8612, Los Gatos, California and the <br />riparian and wetlands area described in the report by H. T. Harvey <br />Associates, dated November 11, 1994. <br />WHEREAS, on April 16, 2012 the Town Council ordered the District Engineer to <br />prepare and file a report regarding Landscaping and Lighting Assessment District No. I— <br />Kennedy Meadows Benefit Zone, regarding the improvements in the District and proposed <br />assessment to support those improvements; and <br />WHEREAS, the District Engineer has prepared and filed that report; and <br />WHEREAS, the Town Council has considered and approved that report; and <br />WHEREAS, no substantial changes are proposed to be made in the improvements in the <br />district; and <br />1 <br />