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ORDINANCE NO. 1600 <br />URGENCY ORDINANCE AMENDING CHAPTER 24 OF THE <br />TOWN CODE RELATING TO THE RENTAL DISPUTE <br />MEDIATION AND ARBITRATION ORDINANCE REQUIRE- <br />MENTS FOR A SUBSEQUENT NOTICE OF RENT INCREASE <br />WITHIN A ONE -YEAR PERIOD. <br />The Town Council of Los Gatos hereby ordains: <br />Section I. <br />Section 24.20.045 is hereby amended to read as follows: <br />"Sec. 24.20.045. Rent increase. <br />A 'rent increase' is any additional rent due or paid by <br />a tenant for a rental unit, including any reduction in hous- <br />ing services without a corresponding reduction in the moneys <br />demanded or paid for rent." <br />Section 2. <br />Section 24.30.030 is hereby amended to read as follows: <br />"Sec. 24.30.030. Notice of Conciliation Rights. <br />No notice of rent increase shall be valid unless the <br />landlord does the following: <br />(1) Serves, with the notice of proposed increase, <br />written notice advising the affected tenants of their right <br />to petition for conciliation under Section 24.40.010, and <br />giving the current telephone number of the agency adminis- <br />tering the ordinance for the Town; and <br />(2) Provides in writing, to any tenant requesting in <br />writing, the apartment numbers of all tenants receiving <br />increase notices for the same month as the tenant making <br />the request. <br />A reissued notice to correct the notification requirement <br />shall not exceed the amount of the previous rent increase notice." <br />